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Share Google Drive Data with another Account: Go to Approach

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On October 16th, 2020
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading
Category Cloud, G Suite

User-Query: I am having multiple Gmail accounts like for my personal and professional use. But now, it is getting chaotic to manage all these accounts. So, I was thinking to share entire Google Drive data to another account. My colleague suggested me to use Google Drive Migrator to transfer G Drive to another G Drive account

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I have used this application and this has given me an exceptionally great experience. With the help of this tool, I am able to share Google Drive data with another account in such a less time. Also, it has kept the hierarchy maintained throughout. By using its concurrent migration feature, I was able to share the data of my multiple accounts simultaneously.

The whole review of the Google Drive Migrator is mentioned in the section below.

Share Google Drive Data with another Account: Professionally

Google Drive Migrator tool is the most trustworthy third party application to share entire Google Drive data to another account. This utility is capable enough to share data items like images, files, videos, etc. Also, you can share deleted items from the Trash folder. Apart from this, after the migration process is completed, the tool will generate a migration summary report. This report consists of the detailed status of success and failures.

Excellent Features Provided by the Tool

This Google Drive Migrator tool is equipped with multiple advanced features which makes it different from another available tool on the online market. Some of the impeccable features offered by the tool are mentioned in the section below to move files from one Google Drive account to another effortlessly:

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Share Entire Google Drive Data: By using this migrator tool, users can share entire Google Drive files from one account to another in a seamless manner. All they have to do is to enter their admin source and destination user credentials. The tool can share all data items like photos, doc files, PDFs, videos, audio files, etc.

Concurrent Migration: Here, users can add multiple accounts just by enabling this feature. All they have to do is to go to the Settings Windows and tick the option. It will allow to share data of up to 200 mailboxes concurrently or at a single time. It helps in cases when there are multiple accounts. This makes the whole process quicker.

Mapping between Source and Destination: This software tends users to map user ids between both the accounts, which is user and destination. There are several options rendered by this tool to share Google Drive data with another account like,

  • Fetch Users: This is done automatically, it fetches and displays all users from the Source domain.
  • Import Users: Click on the Browse button to add a CSV file directly. This CSV file contains all the Source and Destination users.
  • Download Template: The software provides a template CSV file that can be used to import mapped source and destination accounts.

Stop Migration Option: In this, users can stop the current in-progress process at any time, if desired. This can be used in cases when the internet bandwidth is lower than required. Also, this tool renders the pause and resume option. The process will not start from the beginning, but it will start from it was stopped or paused.

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Selective Migration: Selective or range based migration can be done in order to send files from a certain period to a certain period only. Users can provide a specific range in “To” and “From” field and the tool will share files from one Google Drive account to another from that particular range only.

Delta Migration: One of the best features offered by the tool is Delta Migration. This functionality allows users to share new data arrived during the migration process, without the duplicates. The newly arrived data will be shared between the same Drives only.

Outlined Steps to Share Google Drive Data

  • Launch the utility and select G Suite as the source and G Suite as the destination.


  • Select documents you need to share and apply filters to share your G Drive data with other accounts.


  • Then sign in and verify with your G Suite credentials.

g suite

  • Now sign in with the Destination G Suite username and password, and then Validate.


  • Get a list of users.


  • Authenticate the user and click the Start button to start the migration process.

start migration

The Final Verdict

Google Drive Migrator Tool is the most reliable solution which allows users to share Google Drive data with another account in a seamless manner. Also, it ensures that there will be no data loss between the whole process. Being a non- technical user, I have marked this tool on possible grounds. The results have satisfied me a lot. I would recommend this tool to other users as well.