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Transfer G Drive to Another G Drive Account: Best Solution

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On October 20th, 2020
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In today’s scenarios, Google Drive is used by almost everyone to store important data in cloud storage. It is used by both university students and work environments. The G Drive provides users with 15 GB of free storage space. This space will be shared between Google Drive, Photos, and Gmail. Due to the shared space, this free storage can fill up very easily. This will lead users to create a new account and find out ways to transfer G Drive to another G Drive account.

To make it easier for users to use, I’ve created a blog that covers all possible solutions to solve problems such as transferring G Drive to another G drive account. We will cover both manual and professional solutions to transfer files from Google Drive to another account.

Quick Solution: If you are a novice user and don’t belong to technically sound people, try the most reliable and trustworthy solution.

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Why Transfer G Drive to Another G Drive Account?

There are certain reasons because of which users have started finding techniques to transfer G Drive to another account. A few of them are listed in the section below:

  • Storage space issues.
  • Move shared documents to the personal account.
  • Account not working properly.

These are some of the reasons because of which users find methods to transfer files from Google Drive to another account.

Techniques of Transferring G Drive to Another Account

There are a few major methods using which you can directly transfer data from one Google Drive account to another account.

Method 1: Downloading and Uploading

This is considered as the simplest method for transferring one Google Drive documents to another.

  1. Sign in to Gmail and open your Drive.
  2. Select the files that have to be transferred.
  3. Copy the files and transfer them into a new folder. It will appear in your directory.
  4. Download the folder and save the selected file.
  5. Now, right-click on the folder created and hit Download.
  6. All the downloaded files will get compressed automatically. After it gets downloaded, extract the zipped file.
  7. After the extraction of files, open G Drive and click + icon to finally upload the folders of another account.

Method 2: Google Takeout

This solution is offered by Google to transfer files from Google Drive to another account.
Users can archive their data and easily transfer them to other accounts. It is a complex process to transfer the data and will eventually convert the file to another format. However, you can change the file format in your settings when you upload your data to your new account.

Drawbacks to Transfer G Drive to Another Account: Manually

Of course! It is a human tendency that free things attract users the most. But, free things always end up costing certain things. And, in this case, it might be your data which is at stake. The above-explained manual methods are a lot of complicated and time-consuming. Also, if you lack technical knowledge then, you will not be able to execute these manual solutions.

Professionally Transfer G Drive Data to Another G Drive Account

For your ease, we have included a quick and reliable solution namely, SysTools Google Drive Migrator. This makes your whole migration process easier and quicker. It is developed by keeping a non-technical user in mind. This tool has a self-explanatory interface. It is equipped with advanced features in order to move files from one Google Drive account to another Google Drive account.

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Some of the functionalities rendered by the tool to transfer files from Google Drive to another account are mentioned in the section below:

Features of the Utility

This utility is equipped with multiple features which makes it different from other online tools available in the market. Some peculiar features are mentioned below.

Concurrent Migration: This feature allows users to migrate multiple users at once. Here, the user can add multiple service accounts by activating the Enable multiple accounts option from the Settings window. Users can easily transfer up to 200 mailboxes at a time.

Stop Migration: This software provides a pause, resume, and stop migration options. By using this feature, users can pause and resume the on-going process whenever they want. Users can also stop the currently executing process.

Delta Migration: The tool transfers the entire data at the very first attempt to transferring documents from one G Drive to another G Drive account. If the user has to transfer the data again between the same Drives, then by using this feature only the newly arrived data gets transferred. Using this, there will be no data duplicacy.

Help Section: This tool provides a help section in which the entire functionality of the tool is provided. It renders the details about each migration mode in detail.

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Transfer G Drive to Another Account – In 6 Steps

Download the migration tool and run it on Windows or Linux.

Select the source account and Destination account platforms, and then select the Workload category as Document.


Enter the G Suite Admin ID, application ID, and certificate file path in the “Source” window and Validate.

g suite

Similarly, enter the destination G Suite ID and application ID in the “Destination” window to Validate.

G Suite destination

In the “Users” window, select and import users.


Confirm the user account and click the “Start Migration” button to start the process to transfer G Drive files to another account.

start migration

Concluding Statement

We often need to transfer data from one Google Drive account to another in various situations as mentioned above. But most people don’t understand the migration process, which is often confusing. Therefore, in order to eliminate this confusion, we have discussed the most effective way to transfer G Drive to another G Drive account. We also provided a third-party solution in case you can’t manually transfer files from Google Drive to another account.