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Know How to Export Yahoo Mail to PST – Best Solution

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Do you want to export Yahoo mail to PST? Are you searching for a reliable solution to download emails Yahoo to PST? If yes, then you can read this article to get solutions to your queries.

Yahoo mail is a well-known email application which is also known as YMail. It is used by millions of users for mailing purposes. Yahoo provides 1 TB of storage on every single Yahoo account. But, in today’s generation hacking, ransomware, and security threats are common. To hack someone’s Yahoo account is not a big task for hackers. This is why most of the users want to download their emails from YMail account. But Yahoo does not provide any solution to same emails as PST.

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Users Query

“Hey, Guys! My self Tim Jenson. I want a solution that how I can export Yahoo mail to PST file format without facing any data loss. Can u please help me?”

“Hello! I used the Yahoo mailing application for the last 2 years. But I couldn’t find a method to export Yahoo emails to Outlook PST. I want a solution which will be reliable and easy to use as I don’t have enough technical knowledge.”

Instant Solution: Use Yahoo Email Backup Tool and instant save all your emails from Yahoo account into PST file format. So, download this tool and backup Yahoo Emails to hard drive.

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Why User Download Emails from Yahoo to PST?

There are various reasons why users want to transfer Yahoo mail to PST. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Users are not at all satisfied with the services of Yahoo email clients.
  • Security issues.
  • Yahoo is having issues downloading attachments, loading mails, etc.

After reading the above reasons, we know why Yahoo users transfer Yahoo emails to Outlook PST file. Now, the question is how to save emails from Yahoo to PST file? So, we will discuss this query in the next section.

Methods to Export Yahoo Mail to PST File

  1. Manual Method
  2. An Automated Solution

Manual Method to Export Yahoo Emails to Outlook PST

If you want to export your Yahoo emails to PST. Then, firstly you need to configure your Yahoo Mail account in MS Outlook before transferring the mails. Follow the steps to configure the Yahoo mail account:-

  • Open Yahoo mail account and open the “settings” page.
  • You need to allow access permission for “Less Secure Apps”.
  • And after this, disable the “Two-factor Authentication” process.

Note: If you couldn’t find the allow access option then you need to use the “Generate an App Password” option.

Procedure to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Outlook

  • Open the Outlook application and then click on the “File” then “Info” option and after this click on the “Options”.
  • Choose the “Add Account” option.
  • Select the “Configure Server Settings Manually” option. Click on the “Next” button.
  • Now choose the “POP / IMAP” settings and proceed further by clicking on the “Next” option.
  • After this, Enter your Name and email address.
  • Now, choose the account type as IMAP.
  • You need to enter the incoming mail server (imap.mail.yahoo.com), and outgoing mail server (smtp.mail.yahoo.com)
  • Add credentials to your Yahoo mail account.
  • Choose the “More Settings” option and go to the outgoing server tab.
  • Select the “My Outgoing Server requires Authentication” and also select the first option to use similar settings for the incoming mail server.
  • Now, click on the “Finish” procedure.

You can use this manual method for export Yahoo Mail to PST. But, it has some drawbacks which are mentioned in the next section.

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Major Limitations of Manual Method

There are several drawbacks of this manual method. We have mentioned some of the drawbacks below:-

  • The manual method is not a safe and reliable.
  • It is a long & time taking procedure.
  • Non-technical users will face difficulty in performing this task.
  • Users can also lose their data in between the procedure.

These are some limitations of the manual approach. But, don’t panic we have another solution to save emails from Yahoo to Outlook PST.

Automated Solution to Download Emails from Yahoo to PST

You can use this method to transfer the emails into PST file format. This software is a reliable, safe, and secure method. Using this tool, you can export Yahoo emails to PST without any data loss. This Automated solution provides different features for user-convenience.

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Step by Step Guide to Export Yahoo Mail to PST Without Outlook

  • Install the Tool and enter Yahoo account credentials.

run yahoo email backup software

  • Choose the email folders and then select the export type as PST file format.

choose yahoo mail backup file

  • Now, you just need to browse a location to save the email folders.

filter emails to save Yahoo data

  • Tap on the “Start” button to export Yahoo Mail to PST.

transfer Yahoo emails to hard drive

Key Features of This Amazing Software

  • The software provides a feature to export emails in multiple popular file formats.
  • Users can sort the emails by using the “Date Range” filter option.
  • You can save all the attachments with the Yahoo Mails.
  • Installation of MS Outlook is not compulsory.
  • The tool supports working with multiple languages like Indonesian, English, Hindi, Chinese, etc.

Summing Up

In the above write up we have discussed different methods to export Yahoo mail to PST file. We have mentioned the manual method but it has some major drawbacks which can lead to data loss. To avoid such a situation you can use the other method which we have discussed. It is a safe and secure method to use.