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Know How to Protect Yahoo Email Account Easily

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On May 29th, 2024
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If you are searching for a solution to protect Yahoo email account, at that point this is the correct page you arrived on. If you are thinking of deleting your Yahoo account to secure your data.

Then, deleting the Yahoo account can really open the entryway for hackers. As indicated by the Yahoo account strategy, anyone can use your email id after 30 days of deletion.

Thereafter, hackers can open another file using your old Yahoo username and access your connected services by sending a password reset demand. Consequently, forever deleting the Yahoo account isn’t at all a decent alternative any longer. Follow the article to get more data about how to protect Yahoo account from hackers.

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Secure Your Yahoo Account Using These Techniques

By saying not to delete the Yahoo account, we are fundamentally requesting that you protect it. Here, we will portray a few ways to protect the Yahoo email account from hackers. In the event that you wish to stay with your Yahoo Mail, at that point here are five different ways to build your account security.

Protect Yahoo Email Account by Creating Backup

Perhaps the most ideal approach to remain secure from hackers is to backup Yahoo emails to hard drive. After that, if your account got hacked or anything. Then, at least you can recover your data. In this case, taking backup of your Yahoo account data is the best approach.

So, to do so, we suggest you use Yahoo Mail Backup Tool. This tool is the best way to export Yahoo data to local drive to protect your Yahoo email account.

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Steps to Secure and Backup Data from Yahoo Account

  • Download and Run the Tool.

Yahoo Mail Backup Tool

  • Add the credentials of your Yahoo account to sign in.


  • Now, select the desired file format to backup and protect Yahoo email account.

Select File format

  • Finally, browse the location and click on the Start button.

Start Backup Process

Now, you have successfully exported all your email account data to protect Yahoo email account. Moreover, this tool is very advanced and support multiple great features such as:

  • Export emails from Yahoo account in multiple file formats.
  • Delete after download to delete thousands of emails from Yahoo.
  • Apply Filter option to save selective emails from Yahoo account.
  • Incremental Backup to save  newly arrived emails.
  • Supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese, German, Russian, etc.

Change Your Password to Protect Yahoo Email Account

No security guide would be finished without this essential tip. The absolute first thing to protect Yahoo account from hackers is to change your password. In the event that a mysterious individual enters into your Yahoo email, they could reset passwords on different locales.

That is the reason why you should increase your password strength before you do whatever else. Regardless of whether you are now using a high strength password, transforming it is consistently a superior thought considering past penetrates.

Enable Two-Step Verification

You can turn on two-factor authentication for better security and protect Yahoo email account from hackers. The restriction of this technique is that if your file gets hacked, hackers will approach your emails and telephone number. In the event that conceivable, use a telephone number that you don’t use for any sort of online exchange.

  1. To enable this two-factor authentication, go to the Account Security segment.
  2. At that point, enable the two-factor authentication where you will be provoked to enter a telephone number and will be approached to check it.
  3. In the wake of finishing this, this authentication mode will get enabled.

Remove Connected Services

Connected services give a chance to hackers to gain admittance to your web-based media accounts essentially by hacking your Yahoo account. It is in every case better to remove any remaining connected services from your Yahoo account to protect Yahoo email account. Now, to do so, follow the below stated steps:

  1. To remove connected services from Yahoo, go to Settings and afterward click on More Settings.
  2. Presently, the settings page will show up, from which you need to choose Social Services to see the wide range of various connected services.
  3. At that point, remove services from the list to prevent hackers from getting data with respect to your different files and services.


The article is about how you can protect Yahoo email account from hackers. You ought to follow these steps to make sure about your Yahoo account and protect it from hacking. Other than attempting these strategies, you ought to likewise backup data from Yahoo to protect data from data loss.