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How to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive – Quick Solution

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On October 27th, 2023
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Are you looking for a direct and easy solution on “how to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive?” Then go through this write-up, and by the end of this blog, you will get a smart and productive solution for the same. Moreover, you will also get to know about manual methods.

5 Quick Steps to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive

  • Step 1. Download, Install & Run Software.
  • Step 2. Login With Office 365 Credentials.
  • Step 3. Select User Accounts from the List.
  • Step 4. Choose Workload to Archive Locally.
  • Step 5. Set Destination Path & Click On Start

But before diving into the step-by-step solution for it, let’s have a glance at the workings of the Office 365 in-place archive and how to enable it.

In-place archiving in Office 365 offers additional storage space to its users. In order to archive emails, the user needs to enable the “Archive Mailbox” from the Exchange admin center. Once it gets enabled, emails older than two years will automatically move to the archive mailbox.

What are the Reasons for Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive?

There are several reasons why users need to archive emails from Outlook 365 to local drive. Here are some of the note-worthy reasons to perform this action:

  • Better storage management – Keeping your emails on a local drive helps free up storage space on your Office 365 mailboxes. As more and more messages accumulate in your email account, it can use up a significant amount of storage. By moving older or infrequently accessed emails to a local drive, users can keep mailbox sizes manageable and avoid reaching storage limits.
  • Improved overall performance – Large email accounts with large volumes of messages can sometimes slow down Outlook 365 performance. Keeping email on a local drive can reduce the size of your mailbox and improve the overall performance of your email application.
  • Compliance and legal requirements – Some organizations have legal or regulatory requirements to retain e-mail for a specific period of time. Keeping your emails locally helps you back up important messages and meet your compliance obligations.
  • Manage offline access – Archive your emails to a local drive so you can access archived messages even when you’re not connected to the Internet. This is useful when traveling, working in areas with limited connectivity or in situations where you need quick access to old emails.
  • Long-term Storage Facility – Archiving emails to a local drive provides a way to store important messages for an extended period, even if they are no longer needed in the active mailbox. It can be especially valuable for preserving records, historical data, or communications that may be relevant in the future.
  • Backup and disaster recovery – Keeping a local copy of your Outlook 365 email creates an extra layer of backup and further, it prevents data loss. You can easily restore the archived email from a local drive if your mailbox account experiences any problems or in the event of server failure.

It is evident from the above reasons that arching Outlook 365 emails to local files, requires careful organization and management to ensure that you can find and retrieve specific messages when needed.

Follow These Steps to Enable Archive Mailbox in O365

Step 1. Browse https://login.microsoftonline.com/ and sign in with your Office 365 account.

Step 2. Now, in the “Security & Compliance Center” you need to select “Data Governance” and from the given options select “Archive”.

Security & Compliance Center

Step 3. An Archive page will be opened on the screen. Users can see all the associated mailboxes with their Office 365 account. Now at the right below, the corner of the page has the option to enable or disable the archive mailbox.

Step 4. Now, users can enable the “Archive Mailbox” of the desired primary mailbox.

Step 5. Now, a warning dialogue box will be opened for confirmation of the same. The user needs to click on the Yes button in order to enable the archive mailbox.

warring text

Now, this process will take a few seconds to create the “Archive Mailbox”.

How User Can Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive?

Once the archive mailbox is enabled, then users can archive their emails by following the given steps below.

Step 1. Browse outlook.live.com and log in using Office 365 account credentials.

Step 2. Now select all the emails you want to archive and then, click on the “Archive” icon provided at the top of the screen.

Archive option

Step 3. You can also do it in another way, after selecting the desired emails, right-click on them and a dialogue box will open and select archive.

select files to archive

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How User Can Archive Emails in Outlook 2016 to Local Drive?

Step 1. Open the Outlook desktop application and select desired emails from the inbox or any other folder

Step 2. Now in order to answer the user query, i.e. how to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive, right-click on the selected emails and select archive from the dialogue box.

How User Can Archive Emails in Outlook 2013 & 2010?

The process of Archiving in Outlook 2013 & 2010 is similar.

Step 1. Open the Outlook app and in order to archive emails go to the “File” tab

Step 2. Now click on “Cleanup Tools” and then click on the archive from the drop-down options.

Step 3. A new window will open on the screen displaying all the folders of Outlook. Now select the desired folder you want to move to the archive mailbox. Now you need to browse to the location where you want to save this file.

Automated & Powerful Solution to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive

It is evident from above that the manual method is different for different versions of Outlook. Sometimes it can be confusing for the users to execute with a manual method. Additionally, it can result in crucial data loss, in case the wrong method gets applied in the wrong version of Outlook.

Hence, if you are looking for a more flexible and automated solution for this operation. The Office 365 Export tool is the best match for it. The utility is specially designed in this way to securely archive all Outlook data into a secure file format.

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Step By Step Way to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive

Step 1. Download and run the software. Click on Login in order to log in to the Office 365 account.

First step

Step 2. All the user accounts under the admin id will be displayed in the software as shown in the picture. Click on Next.

Users account

Step 3. Now in this step, you can select the file format and categories like emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, and archive mailbox. You can also apply a date-based filter provided in this software.

select categories

Step 4. After that choose the destination path for the resultant file and click on the start button.

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What are the Benefits of Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive? 

  • Free up space – Archiving emails to a local drive can help free up space in your Outlook 365 account and improve its performance.
  • Improved data backup – Archiving your emails to a local drive provides an additional backup of your important data, in case you face data loss or damage.
  • Better organization – Archiving emails to a local drive allows you to categorize and store your emails in a more organized manner, making it easier to find specific emails when you need them.
  • Faster search – Archiving emails to a local drive can improve the speed of searches for specific emails, as the data is stored on a separate, locally accessible drive.
  • Enhanced privacy and security – Archiving emails to a local drive can provide additional privacy and security for your data, as the data is stored on a device under your control and protected by your own security measures.

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All Things Considered

Though manual archiving is available, however, users need to archive differently for different versions of Outlook. Instead of an indirect manual method, using a smart and fully automated tool can speed up the whole process, making it more reliable for users.

Hence, this utility makes it more flexible and easier for users with queries like – how to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive, it creates a secure file of all archive emails and folders on the local drive. Moreover, y using the above-mentioned tool, users can archive their emails and folders in Outlook and can keep them in their local drive.


Que- Is a technical method tool Anti-virus blocking the export process?
Ans- you need to disable the Anti-Virus Temporarily/ Allow access (Whitelist) from the Anti-Virus setting for proper process.

Que- Is it required to have the administrative credentials to extract data from MS Office 365 account?
Ans- Yes, users should have admin credentials. By using the admin account users can use this from multiple user accounts.

Que- Does this Office 365 Exporter support to Extract Office 365 Archive emails locally?
Ans- Yes, this email extractor provides the Archive Mailbox option to extract emails.

Que- Can your product save the extracted data to the shared drive on a network?
Ans- Yes, users can use the data filter option.