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Know Complete Solution of Export Office 365 Calendar to PST Format

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: 2021-12-10T10:24:11+00:00| office 365 | 4 Minutes Reading

We usually get attracted towards modern services and when we get something good we want to migrate ourselves in that. Platform switching is one of the ordinary situations nowadays. Everybody wants to access their data via best email applications that are presented in the online marketplace. Inevitably, Office 365 is one of the finest platforms when it comes to data management and cross-communication. However, MS Outlook 365 brings onward various attractive features that compel a user to migrate from Office 365 to Outlook. For reminding the meetings, appointments and all, we fetch our data in calendars. We also do various operations with calendars. Such as:

  • Create and edit events
  • Save and remove events
  • Perform batch operations

Users face major problems while they export their Office 365 calendar to MS Outlook. Considering users query to export Office 365 calendar to PST format, we are here with this write-up. However, before knowing its solutions let us have a quick glance at some more causes behind such migration to export Exchange calendar to PST.

Quick Solution: Get Office 365 calendar to PST file format using Office 365 Backup Tool and get free from perfoming any manual procedure.


Accountable Factors for Export Office 365 calendar to PST

There are many reasons that are responsible to export Office 365 Calendar to Outlook PST. However, moving from the organization is one of the most common reasons encountered in case of calendar migration. Sometimes users get attracted towards MS Outlook because of its easy and user-friendly GUI. Let us have a look at some user queries posted on a website regarding export Office 365 calendar to Outlook PST:

“From last 7 years, I am working with an organization, where Office 365 is used for emailing, data administration, and information sharing. Recently I am promoted to another department in the same company. Here we have to work with MS Outlook. I saved some important events in my Office 365 calendar. Consequently, I need to synchronize Office 365 calendar with Outlook account, if it is possible. Please, someone recommend me any applicable and quick method to execute this task.”

“My boss assigned me a task that how to move Office 365 calendars to Outlook PST. I have already done a lot of research on it, but nothing works for me. I got a manual technique, but I think it is very complicated and lengthy. If there is any quick and small method to export Office 365 calendars to PST then, please suggest me. Thank you!”

Manual Technique to Export Office 365 Calendar to PST

To move your Office 365 calendar to Outlook PST, users have to follow down written statements to export Exchange calendar to PST file format:

  • Launch Office 365 and click on File tab
  • Choose Import/Export option from menu list
  • Click on Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • Choose the calendar that you want to export
  • Hit a click on drop-down arrow that is just next to Calendar
    Note: If calendar is not displaying then, check the calendar list
  • Click on browse button and choose the default location of PST:
  • Default PST Location: C >> Users >> ePantherID >> Documents >> Outlook Files >> backup.pst
  • After browsing the default location, clisck on Finish button

Professional Technique to Export Office 365 Calendar to PST

We cannot say that manual techniques are the safest way to transmit data as well as they are lengthy too. Therefore, our data experts suggest a perfect technology to execute this calendars migration task: Office 365 Backup Tool. It is one of the safest and errorless ways to export Office 365 calendar to PST file format. This amazing utility is capable to move the entire data items of Office 365 into various file formats as PST, MSG plus EML. Some astonishing features of this tool to export Exchange calendar to PST as follow:

  • Export entire data items of Office 365
  • Migrate limited or selected data items
  • Date range filters to export all data type
  • Pause and resume: Safe export option


There is no doubt that Office 365 has its own importance and significance in business communication. However, sometimes users want to Export Office 365 Calendar to PST Format. Pursuing the wrong guidelines may lead this task to a permanent data loss. Therefore, we have discussed a manual and an automatic method to execute this task successfully. Users can opt any of the methods as per their appropriateness to export Exchange calendar to PST.