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Find the Best Solution to Add Google Docs to Google Drive

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 2021-06-05T14:56:28+00:00| Google Drive | 4 Minutes Reading

This blog describes the best way to add Google Docs to Google Drive. If you’re looking for the same thing then you’ve come to the right place.

If you are familiar with Google Drive, you know that creating documents and slides is very easy. Fortunately, if you want to load other files and other programs onto the drive, it’s easy to move Google Drive documents to another Drive.

You can upload the following types of files to Google Drive:

  • Documents (text files, slides, and spreadsheets)
  • Images (including PDF)
  • Audio
  • Video

Remember, Google Drive can only provide you with limited storage space, and any file you upload will take up space. This includes files shared with your drive. Users can also opt for considering to compress files to take up less storage space or add Google Docs to Google Drive.

How Can a User Add docs to another Drive?

For users who only need to add documents from Google Drive storage, you can follow the steps listed below in order.

Method 1:

  1. First, log in to your Gmail account to add Docs from Google Drive to another account.
  2. Now to move only documents, please select the documents or all documents to be transferred.
  3. Then, right click on the blue drop-down menu and a new wizard will appear.
  4. Enter the email address you need to click on the “Is Owner” option.
  5. After that, you can see that the selected document has been added to another account.

Method 2:

People who are finding it difficult to add Google Docs to Google Drive account through the above methods or those with less technical experience can perform the following steps, which is very simple to move files from one Google Drive account to another.

  1. Initially, log in to your Gmail account and open your Google Drive.
  2. Then, select the credentials to be added to another account.
  3. Right-click and select the “Download” option, once have you selected the Documents.
  4. After downloading all documents and adding them to a local folder, log in to another account.
  5. Select New >> Upload File/Folder >> Select a file from the local folder.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

It’s sad to see when users can’t perform the manual steps and they end up losing their essential documents. Well, a few reasons are listed below.

Complicated and cumbersome process: This process must be done separately to add Google Docs to Google Drive, so it is very time-consuming. Therefore, the user must take a certain amount of time to add docs from Google Drive to another Drive account.

Technical strength: The user must have the technical ability to perform these steps. Otherwise, users may experience troublesome time to share Google Drive data with another account.

Professional Method to Add Google Docs to Google Drive

Don’t worry, if someone is curious to find a solution, there will always be a solution. If the manual method does not work well, please don’t waste time looking for errors. Quickly switch to some trusted tools, such as Google Drive Migrator tool. This is completely safe because it can ensure you to add docs from Google Drive to another Drive. You can efficiently add Google Drive documents to other Google Drive documents through an administrator or user account. In addition, it provides the option to maintain the folder hierarchy during the migration process. Also, it supports Delta and the concurrent mode of migrations.

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Author Suggestion

It’s always a blessing to have Google Drive storage space because files can be stored in it and can be easily accessed from anywhere. It has many features that allow you to collaborate and invite users to share files. However, there is no reliable solution to add Google Docs to Google Drive account. With the help of a set of restrictions in the manual method, it is wise to use the Google Drive migration tool, which has overcome all the manual restrictions that users face.