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Move Google Drive Documents to another account- All You Need to Know

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On January 29th, 2024
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading
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Most of the cloud platform revolves around Google Drive. It has become the most essential need for any user who stores data on the cloud platform. This 15 GB of free Drive storage is divided into three main sectors, that is, Photos, Gmail, and Drive. Google Drive is capable enough to store data elements such as images, DOC files, videos, etc. But the real problem starts when this storage is full then, the user will search for ways to move Google Drive documents to another account.

I need to move my data from my personal Gmail account (****@gmail.com) to my business account (******@gmail.com) Specifically, I am looking to move Google Drive files to another account without compromising my data.

We are here for users who are also stuck in similar situations and are looking for a reliable solution to move Google Drive documents to another account. One such solution is Google Drive Migrator to transfer G Drive to another G Drive account efficiently.

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5 Step Working – Move Google Drive Documents to Another Account

1: Open Tool to move files from Google Drive account to another Google Drive account.

open tool

2: Enter your preferred platforms to move Google Drive documents.


3: Now, enter the details for G Suite as a source and press validate to authenticate.

g suite as a source

4: In the next window, enter the details of Office 365 as a destination. Press here to authenticate as well.


5: Lastly, add users into the panel to begin the migration process.


Flawless Features of the Tool

This tool has been developed by keeping beginner users in mind. It has a very simple and interactive user interface which helps in the smooth migration of Google Drive documents to another account. This application is equipped with so many advanced functionalities. Apart from having an easy GUI, this software comes with a demo version, which lets you move Google Drive files to another account of 2 user accounts.

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Performs Delta Migration: The tool transfers the entire data in its first migration attempt. If the data is transferred twice on the same device, only the newly arrived data will be exported between the same accounts.

Renders Concurrent Migration: When this option is enabled, the tool allows adding multiple migration projects in the source and destination screen. It can be used to simultaneously migrate multiple user accounts on a high-configuration device.

Stop On-going Process: During the G Suite migration process, the tool provides the option to stop continuous migration. Using the “Pause Relay” option, the tool will halt the ongoing migration of all user accounts on the pending tab that is in progress.

Help Section Provided: The help section in the software allows you to get the detailed working of each segment. Every window has access to the help section which the users can easily reach.

Manual Methods to Move Files from Google Drive Account to Another

Downloading and uploading is the easiest process to save files and folders on the system and finally uploading them to the new account. The detailed procedure is described below.

  • Go to your main account and find the file or folder to move to the other Google Drive account.
  • Collect all the files, put them in a new folder give it a name and download all the files at once
  • Now, the consolidated zip file will be created of all the files and folders. Users have to wait as this process may take some time
  • Unzip the file once the download process is completed and extract all the files.
  • In the secondary account, on the home screen, click on the + icon to move Google Drive documents to another account.

Method 2. Via Sharing

This method is also effective and can be used to move files from one Google Drive to another account easily.

  • Log in to your main account and list the files or folders you wish to move.
  • Choose the Share option after right-clicking on the files or folders.
  • Provide the account details on the newly opened window.
  • Under Share Settings >> Advanced Settings. Make access permission as “is owner”. Press Send. Lastly, access your files in the second account.

The Final Verdict

Most of the users are hunting for instant and trustworthy methods to move Google Drive documents to another account. However, with the varied set of shortcomings with manual methods. We recommend using the automated tool, which can efficiently move Google Drive files to another account hassle-free.