How to Move Google Sheets to Another Account – Most Suitable Solution

admin | September 9th, 2020 | Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google to all its Gmail users. It has 15GB of free storage space. You can easily store, share, create, and edit files in the cloud services provided by Google Drive. Sometimes the storage limit is exceeded because it is divided into 3 main services: Gmail, Google Photos, and G Drive. Therefore, users can buy more storage space or can find a way to move Google sheets to another account.

In the next part, we will find out why users move Google sheets to another Drive. The most secure and guaranteed solution to move Google Drive documents to another account is presented for the users.

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Move Google Sheets to Another Drive With Ease

Everyone wants to use the manual method, but don’t you think the manual process is a bit complicated and requires you to do all the steps separately? Also, this is time-consuming and if you are not familiar with Google Drive, you will not be able to perform these methods easily.

But do not worry! We provide you another solution: Google Drive Migrator. It is an advanced software designed with a unique algorithm that can quickly move Google Sheets to another account in an efficient manner.
This is the best software which is made up of multiple functions and a simple graphical interface, which makes the whole task extremely simple. The interactive interface makes it easily approachable for novice users. In the section below we will explain some of the outstanding features that are rendered by the tool:

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Notable Features to Move Google Sheets to Another Drive

Move Google Sheets to Another Account

Delta migration options – One of the best features provided by this tool is that it provides delta migration options. In this case, if the entire sheet is moved from one Google Drive account to another at a single go. Then, if the user wishes to again move Google Sheets to another account between the same drive, only the newly arrived data (which has not been moved before) will be moved. This means that data will not be duplicated on the secondary Google Drive account.

Move deleted items – Another neat feature provided by this tool is that it also allows you to move deleted items from your Google Drive account. After the user selects this option, the software will automatically move the sheet from the “Trash Folder” to another Google Drive account. In addition, to make it easy to identify, it will create a separate folder named Trash only.

Option to move shared files – In this way, users can also access shared data items. Once the user verifies the option from the source G Drive account to the destination Google Drive account, the software will move it to the Shared With Me folder. The software will move files from one Google Drive account to another entirely without any problems.

Pause and resume options – After the user clicks the “Start Migration” button, the tool will begin to display ongoing progress reports on the software dashboard. If any interruption occurs, the user can suspend the running process. In addition, users can resume the same process again when they want to move Google Sheets to another Drive.

Keep folder structure – Another useful feature provided by this software is that it allows users to keep the folder hierarchy of the entire mailbox unchanged. By using this function, users will get the folder structure before migration. When the user has to move Google Sheets to another account, it not only preserves the folder structure but also keeps it intact.

In addition to all these functions, the software also provides users with a simple interactive interface. This helps non-technical users work easily and efficiently. Moreover, it takes much less time. Once the process to move Google Sheets to another Drive is completed, a detailed report will be generated.

The Concluding Statement

In various day-to-day scenarios, we often need to move Google sheets to another account. However, most people do not understand the migration process, which usually causes confusion and time-consuming. Therefore, in order to eliminate this confusion, we mentioned the most effective way to move Google Sheets to another drive.