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How to Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenant? Guide for Complete Migration

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On February 2nd, 2022
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Category Microsoft Teams

To Summarize: We are going to explain the methods to migrate Microsoft Teams to new tenant in this article. The solutions are useful and simple to apply if executed with the right level of technical expertise. Find out if there is a direct method for the same.

There are various organizations that are looking for different solutions for enhancing their communication & collaboration skills.

The organizations having distributed workforces are usually the ones looking for such solutions. Simple features like chats are not the only features that organizations are looking for.

A lot of comprehensive solutions are provided such as video calls, file sharing, real-time collaboration, etc.

When you migrate Teams from tenant to tenant, there are various features that give leverage to the capabilities of MS applications. A significant amount of businesses adopt Microsoft Teams to make it a primary solution for communicating & collaborating services.

Merging situations or acquisitions are the major entities for businesses to perform the migration. There are not many solutions for this type of migration which is why we are here with the best of solutions.

Topics Covered:

  1. Solutions Available
  2. One-Stop Technique
  3. Steps for Migration
  4. Migration Challenges
  5. Concluding Lines

How Is It Possible to Migrate Teams from Tenant to Tenant

When you search for the migration methods, there are either a lot of different methods provided in the results or no solution at all.

Microsoft Teams doesn’t provide any direct solution to the users for migrating all the content.

If you want to perform a secure migration, use the Successful Microsoft Teams Migration Software to export data from Teams, Channels, Channel Chats, Attachments, etc.

The tool has an easy-to-understand interface which allows a simple procedure with no complications or failure.

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Let’s learn more about this tool.

Features of the Software to Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenant?

  • Migration from Channels, Teams, Groups, Channel Chats, & Files
  • Automatic creation of Teams & Channels at the destination is possible
  • Provides migration from all types of teams; Public, Private, & Organization
  • Preserves Folder Structure, File TimeStamps; Created or Modified dates
  • Option to map user IDs for Source & Destination Users, Teams, & Groups
  • All types of message formatting are possible to migrate from Channels
  • Apply Delta Migration feature to migrate newly arrived data only

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Steps for Migration Via Software

Step 1. Download the software & choose the Setup Migrate Microsoft Teams to new tenant by choosing Source & Destination as Office 365.


Step 2. Select the Teams checkbox and mark the Teams & Channels Creation options for destination in the Workload Selection


Step 3. Enter the credentials for the Office 365 admin account in both the Source as well as Destination Click on the Validate button to assign the permissions & hit Next.


Step 4. Click on the Fetch Users for automatically inserting User IDs or Import Users for adding a CSV file containing the IDs.


Step 5. Then, create the Teams at the destination to migrate Teams from tenant to tenant. Validate


Step 6. Click on the Start Migration


Step 7. Navigate to the Groups tab and click on the Fetch Groups or Import Groups


Step 8. Create the destination and assign permissions by hitting Validate. Click on Start Migration to begin the procedure.

If you do not feel the need to run the migration procedure again, choose the Mark Teams Complete option.

In case of running the process again, use the Retry Failed Items or Re-Run Migration option as per requirement.

Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenant – Challenges Faced During Migration

Since private channels contain a lot of crucial chats & data files useful for several projects, it is important to use a proven solution. Certain challenges that users face during the migration overcome by the tool are:

  • All the data in Teams are stored in different places having different formats.
  • Some APIs have a lot of variations causing errors while retrieving channel chats data.
  • Migration of Dynamic Groups can lead to conversion in static groups.
  • The original settings for MS Teams are not configured in the new tenant.

Concluding Lines

Organizations that want to enhance their communication or collaborative skills are moving to Microsoft Office 365 & adopting Teams for the same. Users may need to migrate Microsoft Teams to new tenant in case of mergers or acquisitions. Whenever you start working on a new project, the need to migrate the data can arise.

Due to the lack of a direct method by Microsoft Teams, the experts have provided a smart solution i.e. the migration software as explained in the blog. Learn the procedure & apply the simple features for migration in a quick motion.

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