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How to Fix Error Outlook Not Responding Stopped Working, Freezes Or Hangs

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 16th, 2021
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Category Windows

Nowadays, Outlook an email client developed by Microsoft is widely used for sending and receiving emails. Sometimes, when users send emails in MS Outlook then they receive an error “Outlook not responding” due to some issues. Most of the users do not know that how they can resolve those errors. So, here we are going to discuss that how users can resolve Microsoft Outlook not responding stopped or Outlook hangs and freezes types errors.

Causes Of Outlook Not Responding Error

There are various reasons due to which Outlook freezes or hangs. Some of those causes are mention below:

  • Installed MS Outlook is outdated.
  • Outlook is used by multiple processes.
  • Outlook is downloading external contents like images, etc.
  • MS Outlook mailbox is very large.
  • Any corruption in MS Office program.
  • Outlook files get corrupted or damaged.
  • Installed antivirus software is outdated.
  • User profile has become corrupted.
  • Conflict in installed MS Outlook add-in
  • Any other program conflicts with Outlook.

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Way to Fix Microsoft Outlook not Responding Stopped Error

There are various methods to resolve the Outlook not responding error. Some of those solutions are described below:

#Method 1: Install the latest Updates Of Outlook: Sometimes, Outlook freezes or hangs due to their older versions which do not update their latest functions automatically. So, you can avoid this problem by installing the latest Updates of MS Outlook.

End Multiple Processes Run In Outlook: If your MS Outlook is used by multiple processes then you can kill those processes by ending the Outlook.exe process. To do the same you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Start the Windows Task Manager either by right-clicking the taskbar or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del

1. Then select Start Task Manager

2. After that go to the Processes tab

3. Now, choose Outlook.exe by clicking on it

4. Click on the End Process button

5. Stop Outlook to Download External Content: Prevent MS Outlook to downloading external contents follow the below-mentioned steps:

6. Go to File>>Options>>Trust Center>>Automatic Download

After that select the Do not download pictures or other content automatically in HTML email option and Warn me before downloading content when editing, forwarding, or replying email option

#Method 2: Check Your Microsoft Outlook Mailbox: If there are a number of files present in any one folder then the size of the mailbox becomes too large. You can avoid this problem by transferring some files in a newly created folder. To create a new folder follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to New>>Folder

2. Enter name of folder in Name box

3. Then select the location where you place newly create folder

4. Click on OK button

5. Repair Microsoft Office Program: To recover corrupted MS Office files follow the below-mentioned steps:

6. Close MS Office programs that are running on your system

7. Go to Start>>Control Panel>>Programs and Features

8. Then right-click on the installed MS Office program and then click on Repair

#Method 3: Repair PST Outlook Data Files: Well corruption is of the reasons for Outlook not responding. So, it is very important that fix the corruption of Outlook PST. And to fix the severe corruption you can try the Outlook PST Recovery Tool

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You can also use the Outlook Inbox repair tool which was installed at the time of installation of MS Outlook. But keep in mind that you can only fix minor corruption of the Outlook data file using this tool.

#Method 4 Check Installed Antivirus Software: If your installed antivirus software is not up to date then the Outlook will not function correctly. If you want that your Outlook will work accurately then download the latest updates of antivirus software.

#Method 5 Create New User Profile: If a user profile has become corrupted then delete that profile and create a new profile to resolve Microsoft Outlook not responding stopped error. So, to do this follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to Start>>Control Panel>>Mail>Show Profiles

2. Then choose the profile which you want to delete and then click on the Remove button

3. After that click on Add to create a new profile

3. Enter the name of the profile in the Profile Name dialog box and click on OK

4. Run MS Outlook In Safe Mode: To start Outlook in safe mode and solve the installed add-ins issues go through the below-mentioned steps:

5. Click Start>>Run and then type Outlook.exe/safe and hit Enter button

6. If no problem occurs then Click File>>Options>>Add-Ins

7. Select COM Add-ins and then click on the Go button

8. Clear all the checkboxes and then click on OK

9. After that restart Outlook

After restarting the Outlook, if there is no problem find then it means one of the install add-ins causes the problem. Restore all add-ins one by one to determine that which add-in is creating the problem.


There are various causes due to which Microsoft Outlook not responding stopped. To solve these causes we have discussed various solutions. By using the above mentions methods users can easily remove the Outlook not responding error. Hence, These solutions are easy to understand and used by anyone who does not have more knowledge of technology.