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How Do I Reduce the Size of My Outlook Mailbox without Deleting It?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On August 5th, 2023
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading
Category Outlook

Overview: Having problems with the size of your Outlook inbox and wondering how to reduce the size of my Outlook mailbox without deleting it? As you receive more emails, your Outlook inbox will grow.

Sometimes people forget this until they try to access their inbox and see an error message that the inbox is full. If you’re worried about your inbox size and need a helpful solution, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss multiple methods that can help manage Outlook mailbox size in different ways.

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Therefore in this write-up, we have suggested an unbeatable solution to decrease mailbox email size in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and other versions. After going through this blog, readers will get to know the solution to reduce the size of Outlook mailbox without deleting data, advantages of splitting PST files, and best techniques for the same. First of all, just learn how to check the size of your Outlook Mailbox.

Steps to Reduce the Size of My Outlook Mailbox without Deleting It

1: Download and Install on Windows.
2: Browse PST file with File or Folder files
3: Choose Split Options: Date, Size, Year, Email ID, etc.
4: Next, Hit on Next to Start PST Splitting

Main Cause of Increased Outlook Mailbox Size

Outlook users who are getting the above error due to their inbox being too big must be facing multiple issues or related issues, which are listed below:

  • Poor Outlook application performance and low productivity
  • It is not possible to send or receive new emails, e.g. lost contact
  • Oversized Outlook PST files are vulnerable to corruption
  • Data loss due to increased corruption of PST files
  • >The service is unavailable due to Outlook application redundancy

Advantages of Reducing the Size of Outlook Email

Sending and receiving emails in Outlook leads to an increase in the size of the mailbox. Large mailboxes may take a longer time to open, and from searches, we know that most of the email providers, including Microsoft, have imposed limitations on the size of mailboxes. The decrease in size of the Outlook PST file will be beneficial in other ways, as follows:

  • Easy to Manage Outlook Mailbox: After reducing the size of Outlook mailbox data, it becomes easy to manage the Outlook message box. It helps users organize and manage data in their Outlook mailbox conveniently.
  • Prevent Data Corruption: Splitting PST files in Outlook helps users prevent corruption and data loss issues. Oversized mailboxes become stuffy and difficult to handle, so users generally reduce the size of their Outlook mailboxes for the prevention of data and information corruption.
  • Improvement in Performance: When Outlook mailbox sizes are limited, it generally affects the performance of the application and system as well. It usually hangs up, decreases the system, and decreases the quality and performance of the PST file. Splitting the PST file size helps overcome this issue.
  • Becomes More Productive: A Non-stuffy mailbox becomes more productive and qualitative. Hanging and slow Microsoft Office gives less output. After shrinking the mailbox size, it improves the quality and produces an efficient output.

Reduce the Size of My Outlook Mailbox without Deleting it via Alternative

 QuickData Best PST Splitter Tool is the best tool to split large Outlook mailbox files. 100% minified mailbox containing large PST files The utility is specially designed to reduce size of outlook mailbox and divide it into smaller parts by its size, date, year, folder, email ID, and category. It also allows for decreasing the size of corrupted or damaged PST files. Users can provide the required size for splitting in the desired way. 

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This tool can also split large Outlook PST files and Outlook mailbox folders, including Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Drafts, and Personal Folders, without data loss. It supports PST in Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all other versions. Also, this tool is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, including 11, 10, and 11.

This advanced splitting tool provides a convenient solution to reduce the size of an email in Outlook in a few simple steps.

Steps to Reduce Outlook Mailbox Size without Deleting

  • Download and launch the software in you machine.

Split PST Tool

  • Now, add PST files and browse destination path to save resultant files.

Add PST File

  • Choose desired split option (split by size, folder, date, year, size, email ID and category).

Split Option

  • Now, check summary of split information and click Next to proceed.

split information

  • Finally, the process to reduce the size of an email in Outlook is completed.

reduce the size


In this blog, we have suggested a quick and efficient solution for how do I reduce the size of my Outlook mailbox without deleting it. The mentioned tool is one of the best solutions that provide a wide variety of advanced features and risk-free solutions. Users can use this tool to reduce size of Outlook email in a hassle-free manner.