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How to Print PDF that is Locked Using Simple Tricks?

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“Hi everyone! I am an advocate and I have received some files from my clients in PDF format. I need to go through these files on an urgent basis but it is inconvenient for me to work with the soft copies. So, I need to print them, but these documents are restricted to print. Please suggest any solution on how to print PDF that is locked. Basically, printing would also help me to mark the headings and important findings for the proceeding in court. Please suggest any solution.

“Hello friends, can anyone recommend me how to take print out of secured PDF documents which are locked for printing. I have some PDF reports containing important notes. I need to distribute these files to some of my colleagues. Can someone please suggest me how to get the print of the PDF documents that are locked for printing.”

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Nowadays, people are widely searching for a solution on how to print PDF that is locked whether they are working in any organization or using PDF for personal use. If you are also one of them, then, go out through this blog which explains the most effective solution to print locked PDF file.

Quick 3- Steps to Print Secured PDF Files

  1. Install the tool to remove PDF print protection.
  2. Add PDF files using the Add Files option.
  3. Finally set the destination to save and hit Unlock.

How Can PDF Files be Secured?

PDF is a file format invented by “Adobe” a US-based company. This file format is widely using among the business organization as well as for personal use. PDF provides many advanced features to share and preserve documents securely. It has attractive features and one among them is to lock the file with password security.

There are two types of password security added to a PDF file. One is Document Open Password which restricts users to open the file without proper authorization. Another one is permission password security which is used to restrict unauthorized users for performing the different function on locked PDF files. It includes print, copy, edit, sign, comment, etc.

How to Print PDF that is Locked Using the Tool?

Users can print secured PDF document without password by using PDF Unlocker Tool. The software is specially designed to remove all kinds of securities and restriction from the PDF document. It has a simple user interface which makes it easy to use and handle. With business and enterprise license it helps users to remove security from a bulk set of PDF files without entering any password.

Highlighted Advanced Features of the Software

  • Allows permissions to copy, edit, sign and print secured PDF document.
  • Unlock bulk PDF files in a single attempt.
  • Remove document assembly restrictions from PDF files
  • Adobe Acrobat installation is not required.
  • Supported to all versions of Windows OS.

Steps to Print Locked PDF File Without Password

The software allows removing restrictions and securities from PDF files within a simple and short procedure. Follow these simple steps to know how to enable permissions to print PDF that is locked:

1: Download and Install the software to print encrypted PDF file .

how to print pdf that is locked
2: Select the locked PDF by clicking on Browse.

insert PDF files
3: View the permission status of the PDF file.

check for password to enter
4: Browse the destination location to save unlocked PDF.

option to browse and change the path
5: Click the “Unlock PDF” button & start the process to print locked PDF file.

how to print pdf that is locked

After following these simple steps, unlocked PDF files will be saved at the destination location. Now, users can check and easily print encrypted PDF file.

Why Manual Methods are Not Sufficient?

Manual methods i.e. Adobe Acrobat Pro is also available to print secured PDF documents. But these methods require the permission password. If users don’t know or they have forgot the permission password, then the manual solution will get failed. Another one more thing is the manual solution only works to unlock a single PDF file at a time.
If in case the user has PDF files in batch, then it will become very time consuming to unlock these files individually by entering the password. So, users mostly opt for an automated solution to get fast results without any limitations.

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Final Words

In this blog, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked query i.e. “how to print PDF that is locked”. Although manual solution exists but it has limitations on the number of PDF files and known permission passwords. Therefore, considering this we have also provided a smart solution that enables permissions to print encrypted PDF file simply.