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How to Sign Secured PDF Document in Efficient Ways?

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: 2023-03-18T12:28:25+00:00| PDF | 5 Minutes Reading

Electronic signature or e-signature is one of the most legal ways to get consent or approval on electronic documents like PDF. These signatures are widely used to replace handwritten signatures in many business or personal process. Many contracts, onboarding forms, application forms, agreements, reports, offer letters, liability forms are signed electronically. But, at times many Adobe users find difficulty to electronically sign secured PDF documents.

If any of the files is locked for signing people are unable to add a signature to it. Therefore, to resolve such problems here we have provided the two-step process to electronically sign a secured PDF document. Firstly remove signature restrictions from PDF by PDF Unlocker Tool. Then add digital signature to PDF with free Adobe Reader DC.

User Query

“A few days back I was asked to verify some agreements and add a signature to it. But, when I tried to add it by using Adobe Reader DC, I had found that Adobe Fill & Sign button is greyed out. However, after researching this, I came to know that the file is having some security restrictions due to which it does not allow me to sign. But, the main problem is I don’t know much about PDF security, so can anyone tell me how to sign secured PDF document?”

Trusted Solution to Remove PDF Signature Restrictions (Windows & Mac)

PDF Unlocker Tool allows users to enable PDF signing permissions. This software will first unlock the PDF document by removing PDF permission password and enable all permissions. Moreover, along with the signing, the tool also allows other permissions like copy, print, edit, comment, etc. The utility is available for both Windows & Mac users. There don’t have to worry about the file formatting issues. The software will keep the entire file formatting intact.

Working Steps to Enable Signature in PDF on Windows

Now, before heading towards the solution to sign secured PDF document let us first remove PDF signature restrictions & enable PDF permissions.

1- Launch & run the software on Windows OS.

sign secured pdf
2- Choose the Add File/ Folder button to add secured PDF files.
adding restricted PDF files
4- Click on Change Button to add destination location for saving the unlocked files.

choose the folder to save the files
5- Click the Unlock PDF button to initiate the process to enable signature in PDF files.

sign secured pdf

Working Steps to Add Sign to Restricted PDF File on Mac

1- Launch the Mac version of the software to enable signature in PDF Documents.

sign secured pdf
2- Click on Add Files / Folders option to insert secured PDF.

inserting PDF files
3- Now, Unlock status will remain as pending in the starting. Use Change option for setting the location of the file to save.

set the destination
4- Click the Unlock button to remove restrictions and enable signature in PDF documents.

unlock pdf files
5- Unlock Status will be changed from pending to complete.

sign secured pdf

Now, after enabling the PDF file permissions users can sign secured PDF document.

Other Advantages of the Software

  • Unlock multiple PDF documents in bulk without any data loss
  • No need to install another application to unlock secured PDF
  • Enable PDF permissions like a copy, print, comment, sign, edit
  • Keeps attachments & other file formatting intact
  • Allows the option to file save file at any desired location

Sign Secured PDF Document With Free Adobe Reader DC

Adobe Reader DC is the most popular and free program that can be downloaded on Windows, Mac & Android. It helps in PDF file viewing, commenting, and printing. Along with this, Adobe Reader DC also comes with one bonus feature i.e. PDF Signing. With this users can add signature or initials, signature image, etc.

Now, if you are unable to sign secured PDF file then, first remove PDF signature restrictions with the above tool. After that use this Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for signing the PDF files. For that follow these simple steps:

1- Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
2- Choose Tools from the menu and click Fill & Sign
3- Now click on the sign icon which appears like a pen
4- Then, choose any option a) Add Signature b) Add Initials

Note: If you’ve already added your signature or initials. Then, just select it from the Sign options & select the position where you want to place in your PDF document & then skip to the next step.

But, if the user is signing for the first time then you can choose to type, draw, or import a signature image. Also, for the future use of the signature check “Save Signature” option.

5- Then, click on Apply & then click at the place in the PDF where you want to place the signature or initials.

Finally, by following the above steps users can sign secured PDF document.

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As we know that e-signature helps in reducing the time which is spent on paper, ink, and postage. Overall it is a big cost saving for all business and normal PDF users. But, the main problem arises when users are unable to sign secured PDF documents. When PDF signing permissions are not allowed then users can’t add a signature to PDF. Therefore, in such cases, it is necessary to remove PDF signature restrictions first and then sign with Adobe Reader DC. Hence, in this write-up, we have covered both the procedure. So follow it & get the problem fixed.