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How to Effortlessly Save Google Account Data Locally?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On October 6th, 2020
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading
Category Gmail

Running Out of Google Space? It’s time to download & save Google account data to your computer today!

Most of the time when Google users face the cap of Google server space, they either delete their emails or update their plan by purchasing more space. Although it seems the problem is solved by deleting a few emails, but it’s only a temporary solution. Deletion of your emails or other data can be harmful if in future you require those mail again. On the other hand, you can expand the server space cap by upgrading the Google plan (it’s a monthly plan, not lifetime) and that too will also fill up one day.

So What to do?

We have a better solution for you, why not save unnecessary or lesser important data to your local computer. This way, if needed you can read/access the data any time on your computer.

In this guide, we will help you to clear up your Google server space by saving your Google account data to the computer without any hassle.

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Methods to Save Google Account Data to Computer

Generally, there are only a few ways using which you can save your Google account data, either manually downloads them or use professional tools to help you save them. We will discuss both the methods in this guide to help you in saving emails with attachments to your computer.

1. Professional Tool to Save Google Account data – Fast Solution (Recommended)

2. Using Google Takeout for Backup – Slow Solution

Method #1: Professional Solution to Save Data From Google Account

Using professional tool are the best solution to save Google account data locally because automated tools are fast, reliable & feature-rich. The best professional solution for such a purpose is Gmail Migration Tool. This tool saves email with attachments, contacts, calendar into PST, PDF, EML, MSG, and MBOX file format. Additionally, it will download all the Google documents into a single folder while maintaining the folder hierarchy. The user also gets multiple filter options to save only selective emails from the Google account. Below is the list of top features that helps you while saving Google emails:

  • Saves email with attachments 
  • No file size limitation while downloading the data
  • Incremental backup feature to skip already save Google account data in the previous attempts.
  • Category filter for Emails, Contacts, Calendars & Documents.
  • Date filter to save Google data of particular date range
  • Folder filter to save particular Google Mail folder data
  • ‘Delete After Download’ option to clear up server space
  • Allow saving emails in PST, EML, MSG and MBOX file formats
  • Option to save data from Google account to the desired destination location.
  • Available in Mac Version also.

Working of Tool To Save Complete Google Account 

1. First Download and launch the tool for free.

Download Tool Purchase Now

2. Enter the Google account Id & password and Login.

3. Select the Category you need to save and Apply Date Filter for each

4. Apply folder filter and choose Destination location for downloaded data

5. Click on the Start button to begin the downloading process.

Note: You can download and install the tool for free and save first 100 emails & 25 items of each category (calendar, contacts & documents)

Method #2: Google Takeout to Save Google Account Data Locally

Google has provided its own automated web tool to save Google account data, which is known as Google Takeout. Although, this method can be used for downloading, it also has some limitations. First, let’s see how it works:

1. Go to takeout.google.com and login your Google account

2. First, deselect all the selected category and choose the desired category >> Next

3. Choose the archive format as .zip and archive size 2 GB (recommended)

4. Click on Create Archive button. Now, it will take some hour or possibly days for Google to create the archive (depends upon the Google mailbox size)

5. After the archive is created, click on the Download button

Note: It is recommended to use a stable connection because Google provides only limited attempts to download the archive. After the attempts over, you need to again request for an archive.


  • Save Google emails in MBOX format only
  • Limited attempts to download archive
  • Doesn’t provide an incremental backup option
  • Need to delete the downloaded data manually

Concluding Words

In this guide, we have explained to you two methods to save Google account data on your local computer. You can either use a professional tool for fast backup or use Google Takeout to take backup for free. We have provided the advantage and limitations of both the methods above. You can choose the method you find suitable.