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How to Sync Outlook Contacts to Mobile? – 2 Best Ways

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On September 29th, 2021
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Summary: If you are looking for methods to sync Outlook contacts to Mobile, you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to give a step-by-step guide.

MS Outlook is a personal information manager that can manage several data items including contacts. As it provides an advanced and easy user interface, it is often used as the primary contact book.

But there arise situations where you might want to call the contacts saved in Outlook using your mobile handset. This requires you to sync the contacts from Outlook with your mobile’s default contact book. The majority of mobiles support a .vcf file format to access the contacts.

So, you must produce the said file from the Outlook email client as well. In this article, we have explained this method in depth. There is a manual as well as a direct method for professionals who are looking for the perfect solution.

How to Sync Outlook Contacts to Mobile?

Outlook produces either a .pst or a .csv file for contacts that you need to convert to .vcf before syncing it with your mobile. Use the inbuilt Import/Export wizard for creating these files.

After you are done, it is a necessity to now convert these files into .vcf. This procedure is not simple and neither is there any direct method for this. Therefore, the best alternative would be to download SysTools vCard Export. It comes with great features as mentioned below:

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  • Convert multiple Outlook contacts in a single attempt.
  • Supports corrupt, orphan, password-protected files.
  • Does not require installation of MS Outlook.
  • Compatible with Outlook version 2019, 2016, 2013, & others.
  • Syncs all attributes and fields of the source files with mobile.
  • Offers the option to convert the contacts into several formats.

Guide for Syncing Outlook Contacts to Mobile

  1. Install the tool and click on Add File option.
  2. It provides an option to automatically fetch the files from their location. Browse and add the Outlook .pst contacts.
  3. Now, it will provide the preview of the entire contact list, you can preview all of its data.
  4. In the next screen, choose the .vcf file format and provide a location to save the files. Click on Export.
  5. On your mobile, go & tap on the “Contacts” icon.
  6. A contact list displays, select the menu or three dots.
  7. Select the Import/Export option here.
  8. Then, click on the Import from .vcf file option & navigate to the location where you saved the resultant files.
  9. Select all .vcf files created previously.
  10. After the procedure completes, one can view the contacts.

Manual Way of Syncing Outlook Contacts with Mobile

Phase 1: Create Contacts from Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and select the File option.
  2. Choose “Open & Export” > “Import/Export”.
  3. Then, click on “Export to a File” & select Next.
  4. Choose Comma Separated Values & click on Next.
  5. After this, search for a location to save the file.

Phase 2: Take the Contacts to G-mail

  1. Run Gmail & enter your credentials.
  2. Tap on the Mail option & click on Contacts.
  3. The contact list opens, click on More > Import.
  4. Choose File > Outlook Address Book file (contact).
  5. Select the “Import” button to load them in.

Phase 3: Sync Contact from Outlook to Mobile

  1. Click on the Apps option & open Settings.
  2. In the Accounts option > select Google.
  3. Choose a Google account for syncing contacts.
  4. Finally, tap on Contacts to continue.

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In this article, we have explained ways to sync Outlook contacts to Mobile devices. We have provided a detailed guide for both manual and automatic methods. Users can choose any of these ways to achieve the results they require. For ensuring the safety of your source files, it is the best option to go for the former professional way.