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Quick Guide How to Use Summarize Service of Mac OS X

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 2nd, 2021
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading
Category Apple OS

Information in bulk is not always information in quality. People today prefer matters to explain short and crisp. Pages or documents, sending information in excessive length is not appealing to recipients anymore. Mac OS X has resolved the inconvenience with a summarize service. This service can summarize the content and make the document short & crisp. Hence, in this article, we have discussed a quick guide to using summarize service Mac OS X Yosemite to short the lengthy text or document.

Why Use Summarize Service Mac OS X

Reading lengthy documents is quite boring and time taking process. To avoid such situations user need find out a way to summarize lengthy page content. However, Mac provides the summarize service for users but first we need to discuss why we should use this. Here, We are discussing the most common queries of users regarding Summarize Service:

“I am working in an organization on a post of operation manager. I have tight schedule and no time to read each and every file that daily I received through the mail. Most of the times, I just go through the documents that are short in length but when it comes to lengthy documents, it becomes very difficult for me to go through each and every document. Therefore, I need a solution to summarize lengthy document in Mac OS. Please suggest me some solution to save my time.”

A few days ago, I had came to know about the hidden feature in Mac to summarize page content. I know how to enable it in Mac OS X, but no idea about how to summarize lengthy document & pages in Mac OS using this service. I also want to take advantage of this service to summarize document and save my times in reading the lengthy ones. Can anyone tell me how to use this cool feature offered by Mac OS.”

These are the most common queries of users. Everyone has lots of lengthy web pages or documents that they want to read but do not have the time. Therefore, one can use a built-in utility i.e. Summarize Service offered by Mac to summarize any page in Mac OS. Now, in the following section, how to enable summarize service in Mac OS and how to summarize lengthy document and pages in Mac OS is discussed.

How to Turn ON Summarize Service in Mac OS X

Summarize is an amazing feature that is embedded in Mac OS. Users can use this service, to sum up, the web page and much more according to the user preference. By default this feature is enabled in Mac OS but if it turns off for some reason. Then to enable summarize service Mac OS X Yosemite, User has to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, from Apple menu, open System Preferences option
  2. After that, press Keyboard option under the System Preferences
  3. Now, choose the Shortcuts option and in the left sidebar go to Services
  4. Locate the Summarize option and check the box next to it
  5. After checking Summarize Option, close the System Preferences

summarize service mac os x

How to Summarize Lengthy Pages in Mac OS?

After enabling Summarize Service Mac OS X option. Still, most of the users don’t know how to use it. Therefore, this section will provide you all the required information about this. Now, to summarize page in Mac OS follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, a user needs to select the document that he wants to summarize. If the user wants to select all documents, press Command + A
  • After that, right-click on the selected document or page and select the Services option
  • Now, from the Services option menu, select the Summarize option. After completing all these steps, the selected document is turned into small document that can easily go through by a user
  • safari summarize optionIf a user wants, then he can adjust the Summary Size and can select the Sentence and Paragraphs also
  • All the changes reflected instantly in front of you and you can easily read it, copy it, discard it or save it.
    summarized content

This is the simple and amazing utility that can easily be used by anyone to summarize lengthy page and can save their lots of time. If anyone wants to disable it, then it can easily be removed or disabled by like any other service by going back to System Preference to uncheck Summarize Service box.


An ultimate feature provided by Mac is Summarize Service that really helpful for any to have an instant view of a lengthy document. Therefore, after understanding the issue faced by the users, we have discussed the method for both how to enable Summarize Service Mac OS X Yosemite and how to summarize lengthy text document & pages using this feature. Users can easily use this method to take advantage of this summarize service.