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How to Repair SQL Server Management Studio in 2018 & 2008 R2 Version?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On July 12th, 2022
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading
Category SQL Server

Summary: This blog is all about the solution to repair SQL server management studio using the two best methods. We totally understand that Database files also face severe damage & this is why the solution for that is also here. Moreover, we are going to reveal the challenges to users have to face. However, we are going to start with this informatic article with the causes first.

Microsoft SQL server is undoubtedly a quite impressive solution which is why it is in use by millions of users across the globe. However, due to several complexities, users want to repair database SQL server management studio. They have to face various issues like SSMS 2018 & 2008 R2 crashing or stops working frequently. Clearly, there can be several reasons for this that we are going to cover next. Focus is the key to the solution. 

If you are not technically wise, don’t worry. The solutions we’re going to explain can easily help you to get the desired results you are expecting. Let’s start with the causes of such issues first.

Why Repair Database SQL Server Management Studio? Crux of The Matter

It’s time to know the causes from the grass-root level. This can help us to understand the entire scenario in depth. Hence, users can easily proceed to the next section. Now, when we talk about the causes, below are the key points mentioned.

  • Virus Infection
    Cyber attacks like Virus intrusion, Ransomware & Malware attacks cause corruption in SSMS installed files along with usual SQL database files too. Users want to repair SQL server management studio 2018 as a majority of cases happen in this version.
  • Improper Settings Configurations:
    The need to repair SQL server management studio 2008 R2 may arise due to the improper settings configuration, data files overload, etc are some other reasons that cause the app to crash or work below its expected capacity.  
  • Technical Glitches
    There can be interference of several technical bugs & errors. Users should keep updating SSMS to get rid of such technical glitches. However, updating is not the only prevention. Stay tuned to know more.

For more issues, you can check the release notes by Mircosoft to understand all factors in detail. It can help you know the in & out of the entire operation.

Challenges to Repair SQL Server Management Studio 2018

We must know what challenges users have to go through. So there are some very common yet critical ones. These challenges that users are facing are not limited to just SSMS. They have to face several challenges that make the problem even bigger.

Once the SQL SMSS data files are corrupted or stop working due to several reasons mentioned above, users can’t perform these below-mentioned tasks. They need to learn how to fix MS SQL server management studio to do so.

Unable to Manage SQL Database
Users can’t manage their SQL database due to several reasons. Monitoring, modifying, and testing SQL databases is quite difficult for administrators. This is the major issue that users go through when their SSMS has an issue.

Can’t Repair SQL Database Files
Now if the SSMS server itself has issues, it won’t be able to repair the corrupted SQL database files. In fact, users need to find a way to fix both database files & SSMS data files to get rid of the issues.

Can’t Restore Deleted Data From SQL Server
Similarly, recovering deleted, lost, or missing server database files is also not possible. In any urgent situation, users find themselves helpless & this is exactly why they need to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Other Restricted Tasks
The import & export of database files, creating backups, optimizing the database, generating scripts, etc are some other tasks that users can’t perform. They ned to know the solution to repair database SQL server management studio for this.

How to Repair SQL Server Management Studio? Method #1

There are two solutions to get rid of such a problem & we’re going to explain both the solutions. Below is the basic way to solve the issue without using any script. Just make sure that your SSMS is not running when you operate this method.

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel in your system.
  2. Go to All Control Panel Items & then Click on the Program & Features option.
  3. Find SQL Server Management Studio & then Click on the Uninstall button.
  4. Now from the three options, simply Click on the Repair button.
  5. After a while, the repair operation ends >> Click on the Restart button to give it a fresh start.

If you want to repair SQL server management studio 2008 r2, 2018, or any other version, this solution works fine. For new users without adequate technical knowledge, this solution is the most ideal way.

How to Repair Database SQL Server Management Studio? Method #2

The second is an advanced solution. However, it is similar to the previous one. The entire work is the same but instead of doing it using the control panel, we’re going to use the command line. This method is advised for users in just two scenarios:

  • If users are technically proficient.
  • If the SQL SSMS isn’t opening & the issues are even more complex.

Users can select this method & follow the steps below in depth to repair SQL server management studio 2008 r2, 2018 & all other versions.

  1. Simply, Launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  2. Now, Run the “SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe /repair” Command below.
  3. Similarly, like the previous solution, just Click on the Repair button.
  4. To avoid UI & go for the reboot after the repair, Enter the below Command:

    “SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe /repair /quiet /norestart”

Repair Your Corrupted Database Files Too Along with SSMS

Now as we know & read above, our SQL database files also get corrupted along with the SSMS, we can use the automated solution to access, repair & recover our MDF database files easily. This solution is very advanced and therefore requires the SQL Database Recovery Tool. Download the advanced tool & follow the below steps.

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Step-1. Launch Tool to repair SQL server management studio 2018, 2008 R2 & other.


Step-2. Click on the Open button to attach the database (.mdf) files to this application.


Step-3. Now, simply Select the Quick or Advanced Scan option to detect corruption.


Step-4. Select the “Export to/as” Option in this section & Click on the Save/Export option.

step-4 repair SQL server management studio

The Final Say

Finally, we are at the end of this article, going to provide users with genuine advice. The entire procedure is quite sensitive but can be easily executed with the right tool & technique. To repair SQL server management studio, the above-mentioned two solutions are enough. Moreover, the modern method can help you to solve the corruption issues of even the SQL database files.

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