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Manual Method to Reduce Mailbox Size Lotus Notes Database File

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 2nd, 2021
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading
Category Lotus Notes

IBM lotus Notes is a well-known email client, which provides various functionalities to access the mailbox. It incorporates with data like emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, journals, etc. This application stores its all data in single database files. However, with increasing usage of email application, the user’s mailbox gets overloaded. Therefore, it becomes very complicated for users to control the performance of oversized database file. Here, in this blog we will discuss how to reduce mailbox size in Lotus Notes, which can improve the performance and will also explain the steps to reduce size of Lotus Notes database.

Reasons and Scenarios to Reduce Mailbox Size Lotus Notes

While using Lotus Notes mailbox most of the users have been complaining about certain problems, which have necessitated them to reduce size of Lotus Notes database so that they can easily manage the mailbox accurately and independently. The following reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Improving the database Performance

    If a user has duplicate data files on their system, this might result in huge utilization of space. Hence, to avoid these issues they need to remove unnecessary or redundant mail items. Basically, the presence of replica may result in slow performance or might be the data becomes lost. User’s data might be damaged because of data corruption. Please suggest any alternate solution that helps to overcome performance issue How to reduce mailbox size in lotus notes.

  1. Limitation of Resources

    Sometimes server connection gets too slow and it will create the main issue while working only due to this reason a user has to manage the size of the mailbox. Thus, Lotus Notes mailbox size exceeded due to the use of multiple resources get restricted. Kindly assist a reliable solution to manage the size of mailbox files.”

  1. Save Hard disk Space

    Sometimes multiple users are using their PC to download/install several application, use those multiple apps for the less duration and forget about them. Therefore, users need to reduce mailbox size Lotus Notes to create free space in Hard drive. Kindly help to save free space in Hard drive.

  1. Improve backup to Manage File

    While working on a Computer system, I am creating a bunch of files, which contains important information. It’s necessary to improve backup for managing multiple files. Due to such unmanaged files, I will not capable of viewing my files accurately. Therefore, I need an effective solution to solve this issue.”

Manual Approach How to Reduce Mailbox Size In Lotus Notes

The size of Lotus Notes mailbox can be reduced by using the mailbox compressing advance feature of IBM Notes. It can be performed with these simple steps:

  1. First, log into IBM Notes application and then, click on File.
  2. Browse Database >>Properties
  3. Now, click on the I tab.
  4. Choose compact option.

This above steps will reduce the size of users Lotus Notes file by compacting the data together.

After following such steps, a user will get easily reduce the size of Lotus Notes database. Apart from this, even a user can go for an alternative tool named as Lotus Notes Split Tool. It will beneficial for users to reduce mail file size in Lotus Notes accurately and efficiently without any consequences.

Benefits Behind to Reduce Size of Lotus Notes Database

There are multiple points which are use to compact the size of the mailbox in IBM Lotus Notes. The following actions are mention below:

  1. Flexible- Multiple users are free to view or open the particular data file at any time without any kind of restriction after deleting or removing the redundant data and then, reducing the size of the mailbox.

  2. Fast- Speed goes more simple and fast. So that, a user can easily access their contacts, emails, calendar, tasks etc without any kind of data loss. Also, its working become much quick to manage the entire files.

  3. Save Time- It can easily save the time by compacting the Lotus Notes data to reduce the mailbox file and making it easy for the users to access data items quickly within a single file.

  4. Free Space- Creating an efficient space and to remove duplicate mails those are in bulk. Users have free space to save or store the necessary files and reduce the file size of IBM Notes.


Well, we are covering the issues, needs, and benefits to reduce mailbox size Lotus Notes, we can summarize that third party tool which is a reliable tool that allows compacting the size of mailbox easily. Users will be able to bring down the size of mailbox files into one at a time without any data loss. Also, discuss the manual solution regarding How to Reduce Mailbox Size In Lotus Notes.