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How to Recover Formatted Files in Windows 10 – Guaranteed Solution

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On July 29th, 2021
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading
Category Data Recovery

Summation – This blog focused on how to recover formatted files in Windows 10 edition. You will learn the various aspects that demand the format of the drive. Also, we will showcase the methods to recover formatted files using a guaranteed solution.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 edition is bundled with a lot of applications and games that most users have never asked for.
Regardless of the user’s explicit consent, these unwanted applications will occupy precious storage space and bandwidth. Eventually, the conflict occurs within the core applications’ environment.

The user constantly struggles with these issues and unaware of the origin of the issue, he formats the whole drive. The concern behind this is to eliminate the conflicting errors that stagnate the ongoing process.

However, if the backup of the disk isn’t available then the user starts looking around how to recover formatted files in Windows 10 edition.

Reasons User is Compelled to Format the Files in Windows 10

  • Security Issues:- To eliminate issues and errors that conflict with core applications in a Windows 10 environment.
  • Corrupted Files:- To erase the corrupted files within the drive. To avoid the spread to other files and drives, Windows 10 denies access to that file. So, the user is left with no choice other than formatting the drive.
  • Bad Sectors:- Access number of bad sectors can corrupt the files and forbid the access of the user. It also provokes the Windows 10 mechanism to format the disk/drive.
  • Partition Format:- Partition deletion is one more reason to format the disk. While installing Windows 10 or other versions of Windows. In the initial phase, a user has to make the partition in the drive and assign them storage space.
  • Resale or Upgrade to New Drive:- Before reselling of drive or exchanging it with a new one, a user has to perform the formatting of the drive. So the data cannot be accessed or used by another user.
    You can now learn how to recover formatted files in Windows 10 edition. But before that please pay attention to this note.

NOTE – Instantly stop using the drive for any modification or addition of data to it. Do not install recovery software on the same drive. In case the overwriting occurs on previous data files then data recovery is almost impossible after that.

How Overwriting Works?

Overwriting occurs when previously unused file system clusters are written upon with the new data. The security algorithms also use a precise set of rules to remove any block of original data. Data that has been overwritten even a single time, cannot be recovered by any means.

If a user wants to save time and energy then the below-mentioned method is a sure shot solution to learn how to recover formatted files in Windows 10 edition.

  1. Download and run the Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool on your machine.

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  2. Select the partition drive and hit the Formatted Scan button to start the scanning and recovery of the formatted, corrupted, deleted, inaccessible, and lost files. How to Restore Formatted Files in Windows 10
  3. The recovered files can be seen on the recovery panel. Users can choose the files accordingly and click on the Save button. Tip – Date Range, Filter, Explore, Search, etc. are the options that are available in the software platform to ease and precise the recovery process. How to Retrieve Formatted Files in Windows 10
  4. Browse the location and either select the already created folder or create a new folder to save the downloaded recovered files. Tip – Make sure not to select the same drive to store the recovered files from where the files were formatted. How to Recover Formatted Files in Windows

The recovered files are download safely and securely to your drive to partition my hard drive without formatting Windows 10. These files are healthy and reusable in their respective applications.

Highlighted Feature of  The Solution

  1. Regardless of deletion and formatted type, this tool is highly efficient to recover deleted data from computer.
  2. This tool is compatible with widely used FAT, exFAT, and NTFS files system.
  3. It performs recovery for both internal and external hard drives for almost all brand companies.
  4. Various multimedia files can be recovered data from internal hard disk and use using this solution.
  5. If the format has been done while installation or due to inaccessibility due to RAW drive. It recovers permanently deleted files on my Windows and delivers recovered files directly to the desired location of the user.
  6. This software is compatible with all Windows editions including Windows 10.

Bottom Line

How to recover formatted files in Windows 10 version is the query when the operating system provokes the user to format the drive. Most of time user formats the drive without having a clue of backup availability.
Recovery is possible and files can be used again, the only thing you need to consider before recovery of formatted files is to avoid overwriting by following the above-mentioned procedure.