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Hard Disk repair utility is a foremost solution to recover data from damaged or corrupted hard drive of your system, and store it to a safe location. This tool guarantees deleted, formatted, and corrupted data recovery.

  • Recover Permanently Deleted Files & Folders Hard Drive Data
  • Software Allows to Retrieve Formatted Hard Drive Data
  • Multiple Recovery Options Available For Definite Recovery
  • Support Recovery From Both Internal & External Storage Media
  • Recover Multi-formats; Video, Photos, Databases, Files, etc.
  • Supports Both FAT & NTFS Formatted Partition Recovery
  • All Windows Versions Including Windows 8.1 Supported
  • No Disk Size Limitation – Tested Up To 1.5 TB Hard Disk

Key Features
Catalogue of Hard Drive recovery Software Excellent Features

recover data

Provide Complete Data Recovery

Software is designed to accommodate complete recovery of all types of data files including; music files, photos, MS Office files, email files, from any version of Windows system hard drive; retaining technical properties and folder structure.

disk repair utility

Various Types of Partition Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Tool provides Windows partition recovery for all the version of FAT and NTFS partition types is supported including;  FAT 16-32 bit, v1.0 (windows NT 3.1), v1.1 (Windows NT 3.5), 1.2 (Windows 3.51), v3.0 (windows 2000) & v3.1 (Windows XP).

recover pemanent deleted data

Recover Permanently Lost Data

This application is designed to recover permanently deleted (Shift + Del) data from your Windows system partition. If you have lost data due to accidental formatting then also you can try this tool to recover hard disk data after format.

recover internal and external storage

Support Internal / External Recovery

Tool deliberately helps to recover damaged hard drive data belonging to both internal system hard disk or external storage devices like; USB, Memory Card, Flash Drives, SATA, IDE, iPod, etc. It also supports all types of discs; CD, DVD, etc.

multiple recovery options

Assorted Data Recovery Options

Hard Drive Recovery Software offers multiple recovery options as; Normal Data: Recovers data without deleted Items; Deleted Files:  Recovers permanently deleted data; Formatted Partition: retrieve formatted hard drive data with complete accuracy.

Corrupt data recovery

Corrupt MFT, MBR or FAT Recovery

Hard Disk failure can occur due to MFT or MBR file corruption which holds crucial information about files stored in NTFS or FAT File Systems. Hard Drive Recovery Software performs recovery of data due to MBR, MFT, or FAT corruption as well.

auto detection

Provide Auto-detection of Partition

Hard Drive Recovery Software has a smart property integrated which automatically detects all the partitions available on any machine. Not only this, it also shows preview of these partitions along with attributes like; disk number, total size, partition type, etc.

preview database

Formulated as Scan-Load-Preview

Hard disk repair tool is formulated to first scan the storage device quickly, load it, and then generate preview of the data which is recovered. The preview is shown along with attributes like; file name, creation date, modification date, etc.

search within recovered data

Search Functionality Available

Hard Drive Recovery utility has a superlative search function using which one can easily search particular file or item within recovered data. Date Filters can also be applied to refine the searches by last modification or file creation dates.

sort items

Attribute-based Item Sorting

The software allows previewing the recovered items and also allows sorting data based on its properties. Recovered data can be arranged in ascending or descending order as per its size, name, types, date of modification, etc.

How Is Windows System Hard Disk Data Lost?

Windows system hard disk data loss can originate from several issues. Some of them are caused because of accidental deletion, formatting, re-formatting, or corruption. However, corruption is most common scenario where Windows data recovery is needed the most. Usually when a system hard disk is corrupted, it prompts error messages while writing, transmitting, processing, reading, any file because of unintentional changes occurred in data or File System. When a hard disk is corrupted, either data is completely unavailable or it becomes inaccessible with unanticipated results.

Prime Causes of Hard Drive Corruption!
  • Improper Exists: Windows system improper handling like shutting down Windows incorrectly, accidental switch-offs, spontaneous resets, etc. can cause corruption in system internal storage drive. Offhand disconnection of external drives can also cause corruption.
  • Malware Attacks: Virus intrusion is the most common cause of corruption. It causes severe damages by overwriting arbitrary areas of raw disk with garbage value. Some viruses also overwrite data through legitimate file operations which eventually causes data loss.
  • RAW Disk Error: While accessing any partition, warnings are thrown like disk not formatted. Do you want to format now? Displaying your partition as raw. Such errors indicate towards severe corruption and recovering files from windows 7 hard drive becomes urgent.
  • Internal Defect: Few time internal issues with File System or malware consequences can make your data completely disappeared or unavailable for access. This can happen to you in case File System of your Windows is badly hampered.
Emulsified Technology for Deleted/Formatted/Corrupted Recovery

Data loss is unavoidable, but it is necessary to take correct action at prime time. Hard Drive Recovery Software can be an optimized solution to recover data in all the cases of data loss like;

  • Permanent Data Deletion
  • Accidental Formatting
  • Reformatted Partitions
  • Disk Damages/Corruption

For severe damages in the hard disk or loss of crucial data, this hard drive recovery tool is recommended to recover data from a Windows system. Hard Drive Recovery Software can recover unlimited data and serves enhanced recovery technique through various integrated features.

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Demo Limitation:

Free Hard Drive Recovery tool recover and preview data

System Specifications

  • Disk Space : Around 5 MB free space for installation

Application Pre-Requisites

Supported Platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8/7,Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000
  • Supports recovery of FAT & NTFS file system
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Solve Queries Related to Hard Drive Recovery Software

Yes, the tool supports recovery of iPod data. However, the fact that should be taken care is the iPod should be FAT32 formatted (which is default supported along with HFS plus). Do not reformat the hard disk of iPod with NTFS file system.

This tool is developed for Windows Operating System only and thus it can be installed on any version of Win OS including the latest Win 10.

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