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Resolve the Error: Outlook is Trying to Retrieve Data from Exchange Server

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 2nd, 2021
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading

Kim Adams: “Hi. Some of our clients are having some issues with Outlook 2013 and Office 365. When users are attempting to print an email or open a PDF file inside an email, they are getting this error- Outlook is trying to retrieve data from Exchange Server. I have submitted a ticket to Microsoft but, they said that it is my network problem. I am looking for some suggestions as to what I can try next to identify where the issue is. Looking forward to some meaningful feedback.”

Does the query seem familiar to you? Are you also looking answer to the same question? If yes, then do not worry. You are at the right place. The post deals with the reasons that lead to the error. Plus the solutions regarding the problem are also discussed. So, let us begin with a method to get out of Outlook is attempting to retrieve data from exchange server.

An Overview

When a user receives the error message, it surely means that there is something wrong with the Microsoft Exchange Server. If the majority of them are okay and the error is faced by only a few of them, then the problem is interconnected to the number of email components that are present in different Outlook folders.
The search engine of MS Outlook depends on the indexing service provided by the operating system. It does an amazing job but, as the time passes by, the performance of Outlook decreased. It is due to the reason that number of items have reached 5,000-10,000 within a single folder. The size of the items does not matter but, a number of items do so that Outlook trying to retrieve data from exchange server

How to Identify Total Count of Items Present in Outlook

1. Right-click on the desired folder and select the option of properties from the entire list. A user needs to observe that no items are listed at the right of Sent items folder.
2. From the Properties Window pane, choose show total number of items and then click OK
3. See the number of items presented next to sent items folder.
Repeat the procedure for all the folders that comprise of thousands of items and remove the unnecessary items. One of the components which contains many items is the Calendar folder. Cleaning up of calendar folder is a little annoying job. But, it is essential to clean them up as the consequences could be really worse and can lead to error- Outlook is trying to retrieve data from Exchange Server.
Remove Old Calendar Components
Follow the given set of instructions to erase the irrelevant calendar items:

    • Select the option of Calendar from the left-hand side pane
    • Switch to the View tab and select the option of Arrange by from the menu. Then, choose the option of Current View. From the Current View list of options, select the option of by category.
    • In the next step, choose categories: (none)
    • Sort the items by date and start erasing the old data before the current date. It is not required any longer
    • You can also select multiple calendars by pressing and holding Control key on the keyboard while you select the desired elements
    • At the last, select Delete and your would resolve Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Exchange Server 2007

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The Final Words

Whenever a user encounters the error- Outlook is trying to retrieve data from Exchange Server, it means that something is wrong with the MS Exchange. This error generally occurs when the number of items exceeds the permitted number. It generally happens due to a large number of items in calendar folder. To get rid of this error of Outlook is trying to retrieve data from Exchange Server, a user can delete the components that are no longer required.