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Smart Trick to Access & Hack Password Protected PDF Document

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 2019-05-18T09:43:21+00:00| PDF | 6 Minutes Reading

PDF (Portable Document File) is the most widely used file format that is used to save and exchange information among the users. Users mainly apply security settings in PDF files in order to prevent the distribution and access of their data to other users. The creator of PDF file restricts the user with different types of security like printing, copying text or with password protection. Therefore, when a user wants to print, copy or edit the text from PDF file and does not have the security key for opening password protected PDF files without password then in such situations it is necessary to un-restrict protected PDF. However, when they want to access password protected PDF file, then it becomes difficult for them to perform any operation like copying, printing, editing without entering the correct password. Basically, without removing the PDF file security certain operations can’t be performed. Hence, in this article, we will discuss different solutions to remove or hack password protected PDF document file.

Best Solution: One of the perfect and most proficient solution to access password protected PDF documents is the Quickdata PDF Unlocker Tool. With this program, users can remove password security from PDF documents & enable permissions of PDF document.

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Need for Opening Password Protected PDF Files Without Password

Many times users face difficulty to access PDF file which is password protected. Every time they were asked to enter the password which is quite irritating. So, it becomes necessary for them to open the PDF documents without entering the password again and again. Here some reasons are given due to which it becomes necessary for the user to remove password security from PDF files:

  • To have complete access to PDF file like edit, copy and print the text

  • Sometimes, the owner of the PDF document forgets the password, then also there is a need to un-restrict document

Techniques to Hack Password Protected PDF Document

There are two different manual procedure available that a user can use to crack the password of any PDF file. One can try anyone of them to read a protected PDF file. In this segment, We will discuss both manual techniques.

  • Crack Password Protected PDF file using Adobe Acrobat

    To access password protected PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat follow the steps given below. But it is necessary that the users must have Acrobat Acrobat full version to read the password protected PDF file. Now, to carry out the process read below:

    1. First, a user needs to open the secured PDF file, that he wants to access
    2. Now, from the Tasks toolbar, click on the secure button with a padlock icon. If the user wants to hack password protected PDF document completely, select the Remove Security option
    3. Now, to change the encryption settings, click on the Permission detail link
    4. After that, in the Security, click on the Change Settings button
    5. One can select any option from the drop-down list like No Security to fully hack the document
    6. After that, if the user selects Certificate Security Settings option, then choose the level of encryption and press Next button
    7. Now, a user needs a Digital ID to encrypt the document. A user can choose from existing ones or can create a new one
    8. Now, select a recipient’s trusted identity and change the recipient’s permission or remove it and click on Next button
    9. Finally, click the Finish and OK button to save the changes and close properties window. After that, save the PDF file also to implement the changes.

Note: To perform this manual procedure, a user must be the creator of the document or have the password of the PDF file to work with this method. Also, opening password protected PDF files without password will not be applicable with this method when the user is not having the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

  • Hack Password Protected PDF Document by using Google Drive

    A user can also access password-protected PDF file by importing it to a Google Drive. To know, how to upload a PDF document into Google Drive follow the steps:

    1. First, Open Google Drive. Enter Google account information

    2. Now, first change the settings of the Drive, click on the Gear icon and click on Settings

    3. Under the Settings menu, select the Upload Settings option

    4. After that, click on the Convert text from uploaded PDF and images files option

    5. Now, to upload the PDF, click on the Create button and select the Upload PDF file with up arrow option

    6. After that, select the files that you want to access and click on the Open button and your PDF file will be uploaded.

Limitations of Manual Approach

There are many limitations that a user may face while accessing protected PDF file with the manual approach and are discussed below:

  • These methods only work with owner-restricted PDF files only.
  • In Google Drive method there is file size limitation of 2 MB per file.
  • It does not preserve the original formatting of the PDF document.

Effortless Technique to Access Password Protected PDF File

As we discuss, there are many limitations of the manual method that user may face, while opening password protected PDF files without password. Therefore, to overcome the challenges faced by manual method, the users can also use a third party utility i.e., PDF File Unlocker.

One can use this tool to remove all type of restrictions such as editing, printing, copying, etc., from the PDF file without any effort done by the user. Moreover, it cracks owner-level security also.

Why to Use this Tool

There are various reasons due to which it recommended to use this application. Some of them are given below:

  • Remove known password from PDF document permanently
  • Enable different types of permissions like a copy, edit, print, sign, etc.
  • Preview the permission status of PDF in Before & After column
  • Unlock or hack Password Protected PDF document in batch with the business or enterprise license
  • Maintains the integrity of folders or original formatting of the PDF document
  • Provide an option to save PDF file at any location that a user want.


Most of the times, users find difficulty for opening password protected PDF files without password. As there are various types of restrictions imposed by the owner of the PDF file on it. Moreover, a user cannot print, edit or copy the text from the PDF files. Therefore, to solve this issue, different manual approaches and one third-party tool is discussed that one can use to un-restrict PDF file. However, if a user wants an effortless solution, then the above-described software will be the best choice without any limitation.