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How to Import Contacts from PST to Gmail? Expert Guide

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On January 29th, 2024
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You cannot import contacts from PST to Gmail directly since the PST file belongs to MS Outlook and is limited to only a few platforms. On the other hand, Gmail accepts contacts in either a .csv format or .vcf. Therefore, you must first transform the contact files in either of the two formats and then import them into Google.

It is common to see users switching from one email client to another for the facilities being provided. Businesses in general, prefer using Outlook over Gmail for its advanced features. According to a survey, Gmail owns over 38% of the market whereas Outlook has only 9% of the market share. This sums up the reason why the need to import contacts from PST to Gmail is so often observed.

In this blog, we shall see different methods that will help you move your contact list from PST format into Gmail seamlessly.

How to Import Contacts from PST to Gmail?

The first way that we shall discuss is the professional method. Since data is important to all of us, we must not risk it and hence go for the vCard Export. It offers several advanced benefits and protects your data from getting breached while transforming it.

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  • Import multiple PST contacts into Gmail in a single attempt.
  • Supports corrupt, orphaned, password-protected PST files.
  • Does not require the installation of MS Outlook on your system.
  • Compatible with PST files from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.
  • Processes all fields and attributes of the PST contacts.

Guide for Importing Contacts from PST File to Gmail

  1. First, download the software on your system and install it. Now, click on the Add File option.
add pst contacts

2. The tool provides the feature to automatically fetch the files for you. You can opt for it. Once you browse the contacts, it will scan them and add them to the interface.

browse contacts from pst file

3. In the next screen, you will get a complete preview of the fields of these source files.

preview pst contacts

4. At last, choose the CSV option from the list and browse a local location to save it. Hit on Export.

import to gmail

These steps will generate a file that you can import into Gmail, perform the below-given steps for this:

  1. Sign in to your Google account & select the Google Menu option
  2. Tap on the Contacts application and then click on the Import button
  3. Later on, select CSV files & click on Open to load them.

Done! This way you can successfully add PST contacts.

Manually Import PST Contact List into Gmail Account

The manual steps are described next. Users must be aware that this requires you to install and configure Outlook on their systems.

  1. Open MS Outlook, choose File, and select the “Open & Export” option.
  2. Now, choose “Import/Export” & choose “Export to a File” > Next
  3. Select Comma Separate Values > Next & select a Contacts folder
  4. Give a location to save this file & hit on OK button
  5. Map the Custom Fields on another window & select Finish

After this, perform the previously mentioned steps to complete the import process.

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We have learned how to import contacts from PST to Gmail using two completely different methods. Users can choose to follow any of these ways as per their requirements. The former professional method is the perfect utility to execute the task in a safe and secure environment.