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Techniques to Import Contacts from Excel to Outlook Web App – A Step Wise Guide

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: 2022-05-26T06:07:58+00:00| Apple OS | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a solution to import contacts from Excel to Outlook web app?  Your device contains an excel sheet that contains lots of important contacts.  And now, you have to import excel contacts to Outlook web app. 

Nowadays, Contacts are the most important and valuable thing for everyone, it’s a difficult task to connect with someone without a contact number. Excel is the best platform to save contacts, it provides multiple ways to store your data as per your need and the details you mentioned like, name number, rows, etc. But sometimes user needs to export excel contacts to Outlook because Outlook provides some great and reliable features that are the reason why user export excel contacts to Outlook.

When users Import contacts from Excel to Outlook web app, the user faces some errors while between the process. It is not that simple and an easy task to export all excel contacts to Outlook. So, we provide you with this article to solve this query, we discuss multiple solutions to import excel contacts to Outlook.  

Manual Way to Import Excel Contacts to Outlook Web App 

Before exporting Excel contacts to Outlook you have to know something about excel sheet saves files in XLS file format. So, first, you have to convert XLS files to CSV format to process the procedure. 

Step 1: Turn XLS File Into CSV File Format

  • First, open the import file.
  • Then, select the File option
  • After this, Click Save As option. 
  • At last, press save to save XLS file into CSV format

Step 2: Import Converted CSV Files Into Outlook Web App 

  • First, go to Application Launcher and click on the people icon
  • Select Manage option > Import Contacts.
  • Then, click on Browse button
  • After this, select the CSV file, and click open.
  • Then, go to the import contacts dialog box, and click import. 
  • Now, you selected CSV file imported to Outlook.com.
  • At last, click the Close button, so now you will find the new contacts in your Outlook.  

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Prime Solution to Import Excel Contacts to Outlook.com

The above-stated solution contains some limitations which affect the procedure for importing.  It’s a time-consuming procedure, this manual solution can trouble non-technical users. It can create doubt about data loss in a new user’s mind while exporting an excel sheet to Outlook. The main purpose of this article is to introduce you to the best solution to import contacts from excel to Outlook web app. Excel Contacts Converter, the Expert verified tool which helps you to import Excel contacts to Outlook easily.

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This software provides you the auto-map option through which you can automatically map Excel files, as well as you can map manually also to match excel contacts.  Also,  this software Allows you to include/exclude desired Excel file columns. 

For Mac Users 

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Step By Step Instruction to Import Excel Contacts Quickly

  • Firstly,  Install & Launch the software into your device.

  • Once tool is launched, click the Browse button to add excel file.

  • After this, you will get a Preview of your selected file.

  • Then, select PST option in export section.

  • Now, you will get 3 options to create new PST,
  1. Create new PST
  2. Existing PST
  3. MS Outlook profile

  • Click Browse Button for destination path to save file.

  • Next, go to mapping section select Excel fields and export file fields.

  • You can also try Auto-Map Option for mapping automatically .

  • User can save their fields by clicking Save button and they can also add mapping with Load button.

  • At last, click on Export button to complete the process.


Final Words

In this technical write-up, we have discussed the best solution to import contacts from excel to Outlook web app. We talk about both manual and automated solutions and compare both of them for the exact solution. We found out manual solution contains some drawbacks which we mentioned above. So, we suggest you go with the automated solution for a hassle-free way.