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How to Take Outlook Contacts to Excel? – Expert Advice

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On September 17th, 2021
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Summary: Do you want to know how to take Outlook contacts to Excel? If you answered yes, then keep reading because this post is for all of those users who want to understand the easiest approach to export Outlook contacts to Excel. Keep reading to learn more about this issue.

With the growing popularity of Microsoft Outlook, an increasing number of organizations are adopting it as their primary email client. Whereas an Excel spreadsheet supports the management of enormous amounts of data.

Because Outlook contacts are essential to the operation of any organization, having them in an excel file is frequently required. Excel supports a variety of file formats, including CSV, which saves data in a tabular manner. A CSV file is the most convenient way to transfer data from one software to another.

In this article, you will discover two techniques for exporting Outlook contacts to Excel. One is an automated approach used by top professionals, and the other is a manual practice. So let’s get started with the solution.

Methods to Take Outlook Contacts to Excel

One can simply convert Outlook contacts into an Excel spreadsheet without much hassle. Aside from CSV, Excel sheet supports a variety of file formats such as.xls,.xlsx,.xlam,.xla, and many more. MS Outlook does not directly support exporting files in any of these formats. So, if you wish to create a file of another format. You’ll have to repeat the process and this process is inconvenient and impractical.

The Outlook to vCard converter application is a capable software that allows you to efficiently take Outlook contacts to Excel. The finest feature of this program is its ability to run the procedure even if you do not have Outlook installed on your PC. Want to know how?

Here is how this software works, which will answer all of your questions.

Step-by-Step Guide for Taking Outlook Contacts to Excel

1: Download the Outlook files to the Excel converter utility and install it on your computer.

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download outlook converter

2: Select Add File to import an Outlook contact file or folder into the software panel. You can also instruct the utility to auto-detect the file’s location.

add outlook contacts

3: Now the software will inspect the file for errors. Afterward, it will show you a preview of all contacts with properties.

preview contacts from outlook

4: Choose the contacts you want to save to a spreadsheet. Now, select the CSV format, navigate to a location to save the file, and click the export button.

convert to excel contacts

Isn’t it simple?

Also, note that this application can also extract contacts to Excel from an OST file. This software supports both OST and PST Outlook data files.

Manually Send Contacts from Outlook to Excel

  1. Open Outlook and go to the File menu, then select Open & Export.
  2. Select Import/Export>> Export to a File>> Next.
  3. Next, choose Comma Separated Values>> Next.
  4. Afterward, choose the folder from which you wish to export contacts.
  5. Provide a destination location to save the file>> Next.
  6. Finally, map custom fields>> Finish.

This is how to move Outlook contacts to MS Excel effectively. If you want to save the resulting file in another Excel-compatible format, just open it in an Excel spreadsheet and save it in that format.

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Challenges faced using Manual Method

  1. When using the manual approach, mapping the fields takes a long time.
  2. Outlook places constraints on the mapping fields. With the Excel file, you can map just a few fields, not all of them.
  3. When Outlook stops or crashes unexpectedly, the source data files contacts can get corrupted. By using the aforementioned tool all this can be prevented.


In this article, you learned two methods for how to take Outlook contacts to Excel. The manual technique is time-consuming and necessitates some technical expertise on your part. Furthermore, the chances of experiencing an error might occur. And it can even result in the permanent loss of your Outlook contacts.

The utility mentioned above is the safest technique and thousands of clients worldwide approve of it. It guarantees that the outcomes will be 100 percent correct.