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How to Put Page Number in PDF Files on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7?

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 2021-04-26T11:46:17+00:00| PDF | 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this push-off, you will learn how to put page number in PDF documents. We will be covering the significance of adding page numbers in a PDF file. Also, will be discussing the ways in which you will be able to insert page numbers to PDF sequentially.

In this fast growing world, a PDF file has become the best medium to transfer information and also, deal with the soft data. The PDF stores the data and fixes its representation style to be intact from the time it is created.

Many company organizations and other legal document handlers prefer using PDF document to keep and share the information. Due to the handling of more data, a number of PDF files get created, which further requires to be managed. This becomes a requirement so that if any referral is required, the exact data could be reached effortlessly.

Here, in this problem-solving article, you will learn how to put page number in PDF file and make it accessible whenever required. So, moving down the section, we will discuss the normal and efficient method for adding sequential page numbers to PDF document. let’s start knowing the areas where you need to manage PDF files and keep a data record to refer at times.

Where User Require to Manage PDF Documents?

See, there are many fields where the usage of PDF files are held. But the areas that come in a range of using the PDF files for storing information is boarded into the below categories

  • Company / Institution / Organization / Business Firm
  • Medical Field
  • Study and Research Departments
  • Law Firm

The above-mentioned fields or area has the usage of PDF files to store and share data on a daily basis work platform. The Business firm has many documents to deal with, some important docs, details of the employer and other related company docs.

The medical firms usually store the details of their patients in the PDF file format. With a large number of this, they require a PDF management option to organize them all. The research team, always record their findings in a PDF file format so that they could be retrieved in the same manner for referrals.

At last, all advocates have to deal with legal case files on a regular basis. When the documents were moved to the soft copies, the case details were started storing in the PDF formats. This led to the advocates into difficulty while dealing with these files. Thus to organize the PDF in a good manner, PDF page numbering would be the best method possible.

If you belong to one among the above mentioned, you will know how important and difficult it is to manage these PDF documents. In the upcoming section, we will be discussing the various procedures on how to put page number in PDF file. Come, let’s start with the techniques in the below section.

Various Methods to Add Page Numbers to PDF Sequentially

There are two ways in which you will be able to insert Page numbers to PDF documents. They are

  1. Add sequential Page numbers to PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. Efficiently apply for Bates numbers in PDF documents

We have discussed each section in detail in the upcoming sections. So let’s start with the methodology applied through Adobe Acrobat DC

How to Put Page Number in PDF With Adobe Acrobat DC?

To perform this process, you need to install any version of Adobe Acrobat DC (Document Cloud). It has then to be subscribed to full version. This is important, as, without the subscription (purchasing the full version), you cannot perform this procedure. After you get to the full version of Adobe Acrobat DC, perform the process discussed below

Steps to Insert Page Numbers to PDF File

  1. Open a PDF file
  2. Click the Organize Pages option on the right panel
  3. Click on Bates Numbering and select the Add option
  4. Select Add Files option to add PDF files
  5. Click Insert Bates Number option pointing to a text field
  6. On the appeared window, enter required fields
    1. Number of digits (range from 1-10)

    2. Start Number (initial number)

    3. Prefix (alpha-numeric text before page number)

    4. Suffix (alpha-numeric text after page number)
  7. Click on OK button

This will add the page numbers to all the added PDF files.

Note: If the PDF has edit restrictions set, you need to enter the password to insert page numbers to PDF file. Also, you need to renew the subscription of the full version in a time interval.

Now, we shall see the procedure performed without Adobe Acrobat in adding sequential page numbers to PDF files.

How to Put Page Number in PDF Document Efficiently?

With this mechanism, you can effortlessly insert bates numbers to document files. Download and install PDF Bates Numberer on your premise system. Perform the steps suggested below to get your PDF files sequentially numbered

download button
  • Run PDF Bates Numberer & Add PDF files to put page numbers. Click Next.
run the tool
  • Choose whether you want to put page numbers for pages only or file-page combination. Enter the Page Number details & Position the Bates Stamp.
enter page number details
  • Here you can do the font settings for bates number then click on “Next”.
save PDF at new location
  • Here you can do more settings like add confidential text or stamp current date and other advance bates number and Page layout settings.
save PDF at new location
  • Click on Generate to put page number in PDF, but before that you can preview the page.
put page number to pdf

This will add page numbers to all PDF documents added. Also, If any PDF with edit restriction was added to be numbered, then, the restriction will also be removed.


We had an important discussion on how to put page number in PDF files and where it is mainly required. If you find managing PDF files is becoming trouble in your case, try page numbering them with one of the above proposed methods. Try the best method that helps you organize PDF documents in the most effortless manner.