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Free PDF Watermark Creator – The Ultimate Way to Add Watermark in PDF

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On March 25th, 2023
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Category PDF, Windows

Watermarking is a simple form to add text or an image above the contents of a PDF file. It is used to display the status of the content within the document. In addition, the function allows to insert watermark in PDF file. There are multiple utilities to perform this task over the PDF files. So, today we will be talking about one such utility, the Free PDF Watermark Creator application.

It can easily add text or image watermarks on PDF documents. The application is efficient in adding watermarks to batch PDF files. Also, you can have multiple types of watermark insertion.  In addition, the tool does not require any other application installation to watermark multiple PDF files.

Free PDF Watermark Tool

Batch Watermark PDF Files With Multiple Formats Via Free PDF Watermark Creator

The Free PDF Watermark Tool has the capability to add multiple watermarks on PDF documents.

The application also allows defining a position for the watermark added to the PDF. The PDF Watermark Creator can insert Three Forms of Watermark on the PDF file. They are:

  • Text Watermark: The application can add any form of text like Sample, Draft, Confidential, APPROVE, etc. and other texts of requirement on the PDF file. There are multiple customization options available to make the watermark placed accordingly.
  • Image Watermark: You can add an image file of a PNG, JPG or GIF format and easily place it over the PDF file as a watermark. There are multiple customization facilities available for image watermarking on PDF files.
  • Date & Time Stamp: The tool has an addition  form of watermark which is Date or Time stamp. Apart from image, text watermark, one can also use the this type of watermark to their PDF files. Same adjustments and customization can be done in this type also. 

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Steps of Using Free PDF Watermark Creator Utility

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  • Run the software to and choose text or image type to insert watermark in PDF files
Free PDF Watermark Creator
  • Load PDF files for adding watermark using the Add File(s)/Add Folder(s). 
add pdf files
  • Now, hit the Change button to set the location path for saving the watermarked PDF files.

set the file saving location

  • Now, in the Details section, choose the type of watermark to add- Text, Image, Date/Time.
select the type of watermark
  • Finally, enter the details asked, adjust the options given, preview the settings applied correctly. Click on Generate to insert watermarks in PDF files.
apply settings and generate watermark

System Requirements to Use the PDF Watermark Adder Software

For using the Free Watermark Tool on your system, you need to fulfill the following system requirements

Hard Drive Storage Space: 10 MB

RAM: 512 MB

Processor: 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Operating System: Windows 2000, 2003, 2008/2012, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Highlighted Features of Free PDF Watermark Creator

Some of the major features within the application are described below. This will help you know deep about the application and the functions in it for smooth PDF watermarking in batch PDF files.

Add Watermark to Batch PDF File:

Free PDF Watermark Tool easily insert a watermark on a PDF file. In addition, you can watermark multiple PDF files through the Batch processing feature. The watermark added could be a text or an image. The utility easily inserts the image from a PNG, JPG, and GIF file format.

Set Watermark Text and Position:

Any type of text or character can be inserted on the PDF file as a watermark. The application is efficient enough to place the watermark at any position of the PDF file. By default, the placing of the watermark is at the center and you can alter the position according to your requirement.

Alter Size and Color of Watermark:

The application allows the user to set the font size of the text watermark inserted on the PDF file. In addition, you can also alter the color of the text watermark to place it with the same color on the PDFs. The default color selected is black.

Scale Image to Watermark on PDF

In some cases, the images used for watermarking PDF files are a large number in size. This Free PDF Watermark Creator offers an option to scale and fit the image fulling on the PDF file. This will include the whole image on PDF according to the position selected for watermarking in PDF file.

Set Transparency of Watermark

A watermark is imposed above the contents of the PDF file. Thus, the watermark must be placed on PDF so that the content below it is visible to the user. To perform this, there is a transparency option in the utility. This will justify the impact of watermark over the data in PDF file. The higher the range of transparency ratio set, the lighter the watermark displays on the PDF and vice versa.

Supported PDF File Version

The PDF file has many versions that are compatible with various Acrobat versions. PDF file version starting from v1.2 to the latest version 2.0 is easily manipulated using the application. You can easily watermark a text or image over all of the PDF files having any version.

Pros and Cons of the Software

There are numerous benefits of using this utility to add watermark to PDF files:

  1. Freely insert watermark in PDF documents, add multiple PDF files.
  2. The customization options offered to add multiple forms of text, image and date/time watermark is an added advantage.
  3. The most outstanding function is the PDF batch watermarking. It makes the watermark process a simple task for a user to have a large number of PDF files to watermark.

Having many advantages within the facility of PDF Watermarking, the Free PDF Watermark Tool is only possible to work on the Windows platform. So, this makes a demerit of the application over the Mac system users.

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In this present time where the data is mainly being shared in PDF files, it is required to safeguard the data. The best solution in this is to insert a watermark on a PDF file. A Watermark will prevent the PDF file from being altered by any form, even through digital alteration. So this article discusses a new free PDF watermark creator application. It’s free to use and can watermark multiple PDF files in bulk.