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Know How to Backup Outlook Account Easily

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On June 7th, 2024
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The outlook is a vast well-known email platform for sending and receiving emails, yet it isn’t without any limitations and flaws. One such flaw is the large size PST file that numerous corporate email files will in general in PST file. You hear over and over about caps on PST files, slacking network, and all the way of different issues identifying while backup Outlook account.

Presently, probably the most straightforward solution to this issue is simply deleting old messages. If it’s old and you needn’t bother with it, get rid of it. Regardless of whether there’s some quite possible that you may require an email later. Also, you can likewise perform some wide level pruning tasks, such as erasing each email attachments to manage storage.

Obviously, in some cases, you can’t really do this. You may have decided with respect to data maintenance that expect you to keep more messages around. You may really require a lot of old emails. Who can say for sure!

In these cases, what you can do is back up your emails and afterward, remove them from the server account. So, you actually have your emails around, but it simply requires somewhat more exertion to get to.

Backups are a smart thought in a lot of circumstances. Email backups permit you to keep your inbox clean and your folders inadequate, while as yet ensuring you have old emails to use if you need them for some reason in the future. Backing up your emails consistently additionally ensures you won’t lose data on account of a significant issue.

Whether, backups are a smart thought, so it merits realizing how to backup emails from Outlook account. You have several distinct options with Outlook, so how about we dive in.

2 Effective Ways to Backup Outlook Account

Method 1: Use IMAP or Exchange
Method 2: Using Automated Tool

Instant Solution: Use SysTools Outlook.com Backup Tool to backup emails from Outlook account in multiple file-formats using advanced filter options.

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Solution 1: Use IMAP or Exchange

IMAP is a mail convention, and Exchange is an email framework that works likewise. Both storage in a manner that generally makes backups superfluous at the client level. Essentially, they have an incorporated server someplace on the cloud or inside your association. This server contains everything about your messages. To access and view your messages, you need to sign into the server. This ordinarily works like Gmail, in that you sign on, do your email the executives, and log off.

Changing to IMAP

In these cases, you needn’t bother with a local backup of your emails, since they’re totally upheld up on the server as of now. If you do require a local backup, you will probably have to converse with the IT group to get a copy of your emails. This can be a problem, obviously, however, you can ask for it.

On the other hand, in any event on a Windows server, you can use Windows Server Backup to back up your Exchange databases. But sometimes they don’t respond as if you are lucky enough you will get back up from them. So, this is not the reliable and proficient approach in order to get a backup emails from Outlook account. Therefore, we recommend using a third-party backup Outlook account tool.

Using Outlook.com Backup Tool – Automated Solution

This Tool is a long-running and extremely well-known application that backs up your Outlook data. It backs up everything, not simply your emails. This includes contacts, tasks, calendars, etc.

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Different advantages of this product include its adaptability and features. For instance, you can have it naturally back up your data to another PC totally, or to a cloud folder. However, you can get your data at the desired location. It additionally helps to move your account starting with one PC then onto the next. Moreover, this advanced tool enables support to export email data in three different file formats. Also, you can export Outlook contacts to CSV.

Steps to Backup Outlook Emails Using Backup Tool

Step 1. Download and Run Backup Tool on your Computer.

Step 2. Add credentials and sign in to Outlook account.

login outlook.com

Step 3. Select desired file format as per need.

select desired format

Step 4. Browse the location to export emails.

choose destination

Step 5. Finally, click on the Start button to backup emails.

Backup Outlook Account


In this blog, we have discussed the best approach in order to backup Outlook account. This blog will tell you a manual solution and an automated solution to backup emails from Outlook account. As the manual method is not a reliable method. Therefore, we recommend using an automated solution using the third-party backup tool. The automated solution is genuine and gives 100% accurate results. Moreover, the automated solution gives an advanced filter option to easily save Outlook emails.