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How to Convert Google Contacts CSV to vCard?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On March 14th, 2023
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Overview – Learn how to convert Google Contacts CSV to vCard from the given method in this blog. You will be explained the entire method for the conversion process. Find out how to convert CSV contacts to vCard file manually as well as with the help of the expert-recommended solution. Let’s jump right into it.

Contacts being an integral part of our businesses, work etc. are supposed to be kept safe and sound no matter what. It is always important to keep your contacts at two places to have a backup in case something happens to those stored at the second place or vice versa.

Now, a lot of users have their contacts stored on Google in CSV file format. CSV is a file format that is easy to understand but is not as common for storing contacts as vCard. Users can convert CSV to VCF file in two simple steps.

We will be explaining the steps in the blog later. Let’s first take a look at a user query to understand the requirements of a user.

User Query – I need to convert my Google contacts and save them as VCF file as they are currently saved as CSV. I have looked for solutions a lot of times and haven’t found anything that could help. If there is any method that can help me convert the contacts, please let me know!

Let’s now check out how you can convert contacts from CSV to VCF file format.

Methods to Convert Google Contacts CSV to vCard

There are two methods that a user can undertake for the conversion process. First one is the manual method that will show how you can take out the contacts from Google saved as CSV and import them as VCF format.

The second method is the expert solution that will make the conversion procedure easy and time-saving. There are also no risks of the data being messed up and no restrictions on the size of the contact files you want to import.

Take a look at the working of both the methods and choose for yourself.

Convert CSV Contacts to vCard Using Manual Technique

1. First step is to go to Google Contacts and click on the More button

2. Choose Import option and a dialog box appears

3. Select the CSV files you want to convert from the dialog box

4. After the files import, choose the Selection box at the top

5. Hit the More button and press Export option

6. Here, choose VCF format to convert the files in and export.

There are certain things that you should know while moving the contacts from Google. It is a little tricky while converting CSV contacts which is why you need to be sure that contacts are formatted properly. Sometimes, the formatting may not remain the same and some fields might display different information. To avoid this, use the next solution and get flawless results.

Expert Recommended Solution to Convert Google Contacts CSV to vCard Format

To get over the limitations in the manual method, you should download the Expert Solution that allows the users to convert CSV files to vCard/VCF with all the details from contacts including name, phone, email address, etc.

The tool has advanced features that allow the users to convert multiple contacts in bulk without causing any damage to the data. It is easy to transfer and access the converted contacts in any email application or mobile device so there is no need for the user to be worried about using the contacts. Now know about the working of the tool. Learn the steps to export contacts from CSV to VCF in the following segment.

Steps to Convert Excel CSV Contacts to vCard Via Software are:

  • Launch the software and click on the Browse button to select the files for conversion

Add Multiple Excel file

  • Choose the file(s) you want to export, click on Open and hit Next

Select Excel CSV File

  • Match the Excel Fields with the vCard Fields and click on the Add button. Press Next to get going to the next step

map all attributes

  • Mark Allow Empty Email Address to be Imported check box and choose the vCard version

Apply Setting

  • Click on the Change button and select Make New Folder option. Hit OK

Choose the destination path

  • Finish the conversion process by hitting Convert button

Click on Convert Button

  • The process will be completed in a few minutes and you can view the resultant file at the location you chose as the destination.

converted Contacts files

That Is All About the Conversion!

Since most of the email applications and mobile devices support contacts in VCF file format, users have been looking for a solution to convert Google Contacts CSV to vCard format. With the help of the two methods mentioned in the blog, you can perform the task easily.

Although, the manual method may be a tricky one as sometimes the data is manipulated which is not suitable for the users. You can use the professional technique to convert CSV contacts to vCard in Windows 10 and all the lower versions.