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Solutions to Fix Unable to Download Gmail Attachments

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On October 25th, 2021
Reading Time 7 Minutes Reading
Category attachments, Gmail

There are many email clients available in the market but we all prefer Gmail for our day-to-day email requirements, because of the multiple features that Google provides. Its speed and reliability are the main reasons to use it more often. However, that does not mean that Google has no flaws in its email clients. Several troubles come while using it, sometimes it gets slowed down and sometimes users don’t receive emails. Sometimes, users are also unable to download Gmail attachments.

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Users Queries

“I have been using Gmail for a long time but for the last two days, I’m receiving emails but can not open attachments that are attached with them. I want to know the reason why can’t I download Gmail attachments? Someone, please suggest to me a solution to my problem”

“I am unable to understand why Gmail is not downloading attachments. I have tried to resolve this issue but nothing is helping. If anyone knows the solution then please let me know so that I can download my Gmail attachments.”

“Hi, I am using Edge for Windows 8 browser for my Gmail and here I am unable to download the files attached to my Gmail account. Whenever I start downloading the files to my computer, they stop in between. I want to know the reasons why won’t Gmail download attachments. I want to get over this issue as soon as possible because without attachments I won’t be able to proceed with my work”.

If you are also facing a familiar scenario or using Gmail has become a headache for you then you don’t have to worry now. In this write-up, we will discuss the various solutions that you can use to get over the “unable to download Gmail attachments” issue. The solutions that we are going to discuss will be helpful for all browsers. So, let’s begin.

Top Methods to Resolve “Unable to Download Gmail Attachments” Issue

1- 5 ways to manually resolve the issue
2- Automated solution to fix the error

What Can I do Manually to Fix the Error?

You can use various tactics to get rid of the problem –

  1.  Update the current browser
  2. Clear cache and cookies
  3. Disable plug-ins
  4. Check if the Gmail supports the browser
  5. Turn off the Gmail Labs settings

Update the Current Browser – The reason for not downloading Gmail attachments could be not updating the current browser. Thus, if you haven’t updated the current browser in a while then update it first to the latest browser to get rid of this issue.

Clear Cache and Cookies – Although cache and cookies are meant for speeding up the data sometimes these can be get corrupted. As a result, files can not be downloaded to a system. Therefore, you have to check the cache and cookies of the browser or Gmail app on mobile and clear them all if your files are not downloading because of this issue.

Disable Plug-ins and Antivirus – We mostly use third-party apps to do our work. But, sometimes we face issues such as being unable to download attachments of Gmail because of the plug-ins. Therefore, disable all the plug-ins and antivirus that you are using currently.

Check if Gmail supports the browser – If you are facing any issue while downloading the attached files from Gmail then first, check you’re opening Gmail emails in one of its supported browsers. Gmail works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge. As such, Vivaldi, Maxthon, and Opera are not among Gmail‘s supported browsers. Also, note that Gmail requires JavaScript and cookies switched on in browsers.

Turn off the Gmail Labs Settings – Gmail comes with many settings in Gmail Lab. If all the lab’s settings are on then this might be the reason while downloading the Gmail attachments. So, trying to switch a few of them might fix the Gmail attachments.

Automated Solution to Fix Unable to Download Gmail Attachments Issue

As I have discussed above, you can try all the manual methods to download the Gmail attachments but even if none of the above methods work then you must go for an automated solution. Many users still face the problem in a different browser, but this solution is capable for all the browser.
Utilities like the Gmail Migration Tool is an expert-recommended solution.

You can download the utility from the button given below –

Download Tool Purchase Now

Download Gmail Attachments on Desktop by Using the Utility

This tool is a user-centric solution, as it is very easy to work on. In addition, while working on this application you will not lose your important attached files. This tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows and supports all the versions. This software also provides an option to download the attached files into different file formats. By using this utility you can even download the report of the backup process. As a result, it also maintains the folder hierarchy that you have maintained before the backup process.

Moving forward, to know how this tool works and other properties, follow the steps that we are discussing further.

Step by Step Guide to Use the Application

First, download and install the tool on your desktop. Run the application and follow the steps outlined below-

1.Secondly, log in with the Gmail credentials

login with Gmail account to download Gmail attachments2. Then, select Category as Email and email format as PDF

select PDF when unable to download Gmail attachments3. Now, Browse the destination location and apply Filters

browse the destination location to download attached file 4. Lastly, hit the Start button to begin the Gmail backup process.

select start when unable to download Gmail attachments

Note – There is a good chance that by following the manual methods you might be able to resolve the “unable to download the Gmail attachments” issue. However, if the problem still occurs then we recommend the automated method to use.

Wrap Up

In this write-up, the solutions explained above will help to attach the file to your Gmail account and you can download the attached files on your desktop easily.
By using manual methods, you might be able to download the attached Gmail files but there are limitations along with it. Hence, automated software is the best and user-friendly solution to solve your “unable to download Gmail attachments” issue completely.

We hope you find the information helpful and share it with your needy friends who face a similar problem.


Q – Can I download my files in other formats?
Yes, by using the above-explained utility you can download attached files into different file formats like MBOX, PST, EML, MSG formats.

Q – Is there any data loss problem related to the tool?
No, there is no problem with the application related to any data loss. Your data will be fully secure and safe while using this tool.

Q – Can a non-technical person be capable to use the tool?
Yes, this tool does not require any technical knowledge to use. Even if you are a non-tech user, you can easily use this tool all you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you will be good to go.

Q – Is my data will be secure while using manual methods to fix the issue?
As we have discussed above, you can use the manual method to fix the issue but there are chances of data loss while doing so. While disabling the plug-ins and antivirus, there are chances of virus attacks.