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How to Download All Emails from Exchange Server Microsoft?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On March 11th, 2022
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Category Exchange Server

Microsoft! A name that we are all aware of, is a brand because of the various offerings they gave to the world. One of which is what we call the Microsoft Exchange server. However, there are times when users want to download all emails from Exchange server. This is due to various reasons like up-gradation of technology, affordability, features, etc.

In this informative article, Our focus is to solve the user query along with being as much precise as we can. Here, we are going to explore the two ways by which we can solve user queries in a smart way. By smart, we mean a solution that is faster, efficient & even more reliable. We are pretty sure that by the end of this article, you can perform this operation by yourself without facing errors.

Query: How Do I Download All Emails from Microsoft Exchange Server

Hi, I’m martin Balmer from Texas USA, currently working in an IT firm. As we are moving from an On-premise ecosystem to a cloud-based environment. As the team lead, I need to handle the operation but I’m unable to do. I’m aware of the manual method of PowerShell but I am in a search of a reliable solution. A solution that is not so complex as PowerShell and can help me download all emails from Exchange server in bulk. If you guys have any such solution, please show us the right path.

This is a genuine user asking for a solution that can be much safer as well as more reliable. If you are having a similar query, then this article is the one having answers to all your queries. Before we start, there are 3 ways of the solution. Out of these 3 ways we are not going to focus on the PowerShell method as users are fed up with those complex commands.

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Download All Emails from Exchange Server Method – Ⅰ

In this section, we are going to learn the step-by-step tutorial to get the task done. Before we move on, users need to download the advanced utility & then follow the steps with respective images.

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Step-1. Download the above-mentioned Tool & then Launch It in your system.

download tool

Step-2. Enter your Credentials of Exchange Server & Set the Exchange version. Now, Click Include sub-domain users & then Click on the Login button.

enter credentials

Step-3. Select Mailboxes you want to save & then Click on Next.

Select mailboxes

Step-4. Now Select your Mailbox Data Items followed by Clicking on the Checkbox. Now set the destination & Click on the Export button.

Select Export

This simple task can easily solve the user query “how do I download all emails from Microsoft Exchange server”.

Method Ⅱ for Completing Our Task

Now, in this section, we are going to explore another way of getting our desired results. In case, users already have bulk files in EDB format(that Exchange creates) in your system, you don’t need to perform method 1. Here you can simply change the file format of such data from EDB to PST. Let us know the detailed process.

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Step-1. Install the Tool & Launch it on your system.

launch tool

Step-2. Click on Add File button & then add your EDB File & Click Add.

Click on add file

Step-3. After Previewing Mailboxes & all requited Data items just Click on the Export button.

Click Export option

Step-4. Select Exchange Mailboxes & Click on the Export button. Click on Advanced Settings.

Click advance settings

Step-5. Click on Mails & then on the Save button in the category selection tab.

Select mail from category

Step-6. Browse the destination path & Click on the Export button to download all emails from Exchange server.

Click on Export

Why Opting for A Software Help Us Better

Now, it is crucial to understand the reason why it is important to opt for these above-mentioned solutions. Below are some of the benefits that help users understand the significance of opting for such advanced IT tools for your business operations.

  • These approaches are much faster than the conventional methods & help in saving crucial time for organizations. Evidently, this results in better productivity.
  • Another major advantage of such tools is that it offers users more than what they expect. Examples like date & category filters are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • If we dig a little deeper, the bulk saving of crucial data files is possible here. Whereas, it wasn’t easy in the manual method.
  • Most importantly, it is a safe & reliable way to execute operations. There is not any fear of losing data files or corrupting data files.
  • As we talked about corrupting data files, this solution can even repair your damaged files & then give you the expected results.
  • This method is efficient as well as cost-effective for users. They can get the maximum output by putting in the minimum amount.
  • Last but not least, this solution is the supports all versions of Outlook & Windows Operating systems.

Such solutions make it easy to perform a seamless operation & solve the user query how do I download all emails from Microsoft Exchange server.


We are hoping that we have cleared all the topics that we intended for. From understanding the user query to learning the solutions & their advantages in detail. Users must understand that without proper knowledge it is quite difficult to operate the manual method.

This is because it requires technically sound users with high accuracy. Looking for a safe & fast method to download all emails from Exchange server? The above-mentioned ways can work well for you in that case.