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A Quick Method to Copy Text From Secured PDF Without Password

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On March 22nd, 2023
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Do you have password-protected PDF files? Want to copy text from them? But don’t know the correct method? No Fear, we will answer how to copy text from secured PDF without password. Go through the post to learn it better.

Documents in Portable Document Format (.pdf) are secured by companies or authors to prevent material from being stolen or duplicated by others. Users use password protection to avoid data being compromised. Users can no longer copy text from a protected PDF because of secured PDFs.

Occasionally, you might need to copy text from a protected PDF file to edit it. All the reasons why users need to copy text from password-protected files are explained in this article. In addition, it explains How to Copy Text from Secured PDF without a Password using two prominent methods.

Reasons to Copy Text from Secured PDF

Some of the primary reasons for allowing copying and editing of text from the password-protected PDF contents are as follows:

  • Obtaining access to an outdated password secured PDF when the password has been forgotten.
  • Unable to copy text from a PDF from a protected file that prohibits copying content.
  • Removing the encryption from Adobe PDF files before saving them in Microsoft Word
  • To enable the copy option so you can print the publisher’s data.
  • Make use of and refer to significant elements in an ebook throughout your presentation.

There are so many reasons that motivate users to copy text from PDF files. Determine the reason and requirement so you will choose the correct solution.

PDF Password Types and Uses

Generally, there are two approaches to protect PDF files. The first is the user-level password, and the second is to use an owner-level password. If you’d want to learn more about these passwords, read on:

  • User Level Password: User is restricted unless the correct password is entered. It is widely known as document open password. You can open, copy, edit and print the PDF docs once the valid password is entered.
  • Owner Level Password: It’s called a “master password.” A PDF document can be restricted by using this sort of password security. Editing, copying, modification etc. activities are prohibited on it.

Let’s have a look at an example. If you do not want someone to be able to extract data or copy text from a protected PDF, then the Owner level password is used. It will restrict the PDF document’s copying. So, the PDF document cannot be copied by other users after the security is imposed.

But you can copy text from content-copying restrictions by using a professional tool.

Two Ways to Copy Text From Secured PDF Without Password

Check out the explained solution so you can copy text from a protected PDF without any data loss.

Technique#1. Copy Text from PDF after Snapshot

1. Open the secure file with Adobe Reader first.
2. Select the Tools menu, use the Edit menu.
3. Go to Select & Zoom >>Snapshot Tool in Adobe Reader 8 or 9 and take a picture. Choose “Snapshot” from the Adobe Reader menu.
4. In the next step, hover over the text to copy it.
5. Next, choose the text to be copied by clicking on the transparent “+” button.
6. Drag the mouse to choose a text area and then click.
7. To take a screenshot, release the mouse button.
8. Copy the text from the PDF into a Word document.
9. Finally, use the Ctrl+V keys to paste the text into the.doc document.
Save the Word document and repeat the process for the rest of your text content.

Solution#2 Execute Professional Unlocker Tool For PDF Files

There is also a straightforward method to allow content copying in PDF. Professional software is a trustworthy and dependable solution. Use it with any Adobe Acrobat encryption of 128 or 256 bits, and it’ll be easy to use. Password-protected PDF text can be copied, edited, modified, extracted, printed, and decrypted without Adobe installation. It is easies solution for bulk text copying from secured PDF files. Using the same tool the user can also bypass PDF print protection.

PDF Document Unlocker is an all-in-one PDF editor that allows you to copy, generate, edit, combine, compress, and sign PDF files.

Steps to Copy Text From Secured PDF Without Password

1- Initially, Install and launch the utility to copy text from a protected PDF.

Copy Text from Secured PDF without Password
2- Then, load PDF files to panel from where you need to copy textual content using the Add File/ Folder.

insert files to unlock them
3- Either click on Save or Print button as needed. Click on Change button to provide destination location for unlocked PDFs.

set the location and to save or print file
4- Finally, click on Unlock button to begin the process and copy text from secured PDF without password.

Copy Text from Secured PDF without Password

Now, the PDF file does not have the protection and you can easily copy password protected PDF file texts.

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Content copying is prohibited in Adobe Reader files while using this option. That’s why the original text cannot be used by an unauthorized person. Hence, in this post, we showed How to Copy Text from Secured PDF without Password. We showcased solution that automates the process of copying content from a protected PDF file. Also, you can copy from numerous PDF files once you remove the security from PDF files.