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Outlook PST Merge Software

A smart application that allows you to appropriately merge a number of PST Files together into single PST file of UNICODE type. Download and take a trial of the PST merge tool to check the working performance of the utility.

  • Merge multiple PST files into one with all the items: emails, calendars, etc.
  • Merge PST in 3 ways: combine PST, merge different PST & merge contacts
  • Ability to merge the contact folders of Outlook from various PST’s into one
  • Removal of duplicate items when combining a number of PST’s into one PST
  • Combine multiple PST files into single PST file without any issues in file size
  • Suitably merges UNICODE and ANSI type PST File into a UNICODE type PST
  • During process of PST merging also maintains folder hierarchy
  • Supports Windows 10 OS and all below versions.

Some Highlighted Features of the PST Merge Software

join outlook files

3 Different Options for Merging

With the help of PST merge Software, you can combine Outlook data files in numerous ways.

  • Combine Multiple PST Files
  • Consolidate Various PST Files
  • Merge Contacts Folder of Outlook
combine two pst files

Combine Outlook Data Files

This option will allow you to join two or more PST files. It creates a new folder for the joined PST file. Here, you have an option to put all the PST files collectively in a single PST file where every PST file will contain its data in their corresponding new folder.

merging multiple pst files

Consolidate Several PST files

The PST Merge Software provides the users a facility for merging PST files in Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007. You can consolidate all the common folders across two or more PST files such as: contacts, inbox, drafts, task, journals, sent items, to-do-list, notes, etc. into a single PST file which is of UNICODE type.

merge outlook contacts folder

Merge Contacts Folders of Outlook

You also have the facility for merging the contact folders of a number of Outlook PST files into a single PST. Here, the application will create a PST file which will have all the contacts combined into one folder while keeping the Meta properties of the contacts unchanged such as: company name, name, email address, etc.

remove duplicate items

Removal of Duplicate PST items

The PST Merge software provides an option to remove the duplicate items while merging multiple PST files together into a single PST. When merging PST files, you simply have to check or uncheck the option for enabling or disabling the elimination of duplicate items.

add new folder

Option for Adding Folders when Merging

For consolidating several Outlook files together, you don't have to add every PST individually. PST Merge Software provides an option "Add folder" which will allow you to add multiple file at one time to carry out the merging process. Conversely, if you want to add the files individually, then select "add files" option.

exclude pst during split process

Option for Excluding/Deleting PST Items

You also have the facility of excluding the deleted items folder. When you merge two Outlook PST files, you can check the option "Exclude deleted items folder". This will not include the deleted items folder into the Output generated PST file.in this process, users can save a lot of time.

progress report

Displays Process Summary Report

After the process completes, you will get a summary report which will have the details of process mentioned in it such as: name of the PST file, no of PST files, total count of items, the location of merged Outlook data file, no of duplicate items and the merge status.

Why do we need a PST Merge Software?

Management of PST files had been one of the common issues faced by a large number of users today. Often users have important data scattered out in various items of PST files and when there comes the time to search for a specific information they are unable to do so. Reason being the information is not readily available. What users need to do over here is a tool which will facilitate them for effectively manage their PST files.

Further, there are problems related to Over-sized PST items which eventually slows down the system performance and Outlook takes a lot of time to open a file. Addressing such issues, there is a solution to solve all your concerns. Users can take the help of PST Merge Software. Let us see how it solves all your concerns.

What kind of benefits you will get by using this tool?
  • Merge files in 3 different approaches
  • Avoid merging the duplicate items
  • Exclude the deleted items folders while merging
  • Allows to save the merged file in a new folder

Download Trial

Demo Limitation:

Free demo version software will join the initial 2 folders (first 15 items per folder)

System Specifications:

  • Disk Space : Around 50 MB free space for installation


  • MS Outlook should be installed and configured with a valid account to merge PST files

Supported Platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8/7,Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000
  • MS Outlook – Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000
Video of PST Merge Software
General Queries Related to the PST Merge Software

Yes, The tool is fully supported all earlier as well as later editions of Microsoft Windows editions. You can install and use the software with any Windows OS.

Yes, the software provides an option "Remove Duplicates" by using which you can remove duplicates while merging Outlook PST files.

No, the PST Merge software allows merging healthy PST files only. So if you have a few corrupted PST files, then repair them using scanpst.exe or using an Outlook recovery tool before the merge process.

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