Steps to Migrate Multiple OST Files

Step 1

Start >> All Programs >> SysTools Batch OST Converter >> SysTools Batch OST ConverterBatch OST Converter

Step 2

Now, you can view the main screen of the software.main screen

Step 3

Add file that is to be converted.add file

Step 4

Browse file from its location.browse file

Step 5

The software will provide you two options for selecting files, you acn choose any one,
--Add folder
--Add CSV File add folder

Step 6

Browse for the folder containing files.browse folder

Step 7

The selected files will be added to the tool panel. Click Next to select export export option

Step 8

You can choose either Add CSV (to load file automatically) or
Sample CSV (to view demo format of CSV file).Choose option

Step 9

Browse the destination location from where you want to select the files for conversion.browse destination

Step 10

Click OK to load the file in software. load file

Step 11

Select the particular file you want to convert. select file

Step 12

You will find multiple export options, naming convention and you can select destination to save the output file. multiple export options

Step 16

During exportation, you can view the export process.export process

Step 17

You will get a confirmation of completion of confirmation

Step 18

By clicking on Save. Save the export report. save report

Step 19

You can open the CSV file to find out the location of converted file