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Resolve Outlook Internal Error 0000000E

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 2nd, 2021
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There are many Outlook users who have encountered various types of errors now and then. One such error is OST File Internal Error 0000000E while moving emails from one to another account or files being corrupted. In the upcoming section, we are going to discuss various reasons and the solution how to resolve Outlook Internal Error 0000000E of OST file.

What is Outlook Internal Error 0000000E?

As, the write-up is headed by the term OST File Internal Error 0000000E, it implies that the error is generated in OST files. There are two basic reasons behind the error and they are:

  • Corruption in OST File
  • Synchronization Problem in Outlook OST and Exchange

Corruption and synchronization issue can occur due to multiple reasons like Hardware Failure, Power Surge, Affected Storage Devices, Bad Sector Formation on Hard Drives, Interruption due to Network errors and so-on.
There are many work-around that can be employed to resolve the problem and they are listed below:

Way to Resolve Outlook Internal Error 0000000E

One of the major problems behind the generation of this error is synchronization issues in the OST files. Sometimes, incorporating an in-built program seems to be a reliable solution for resolving errors. As we are aware that Outlook serves you with a brilliant program i.e., scanost.exe for solving all the problems and handles the issue solely. The Scanost.exe application check the OST files and then repairs all the differences created at the time of synchronization. Though, having few advantages, the program still lacks behind many things like the compatibility of the files with Outlook and fixes the minor level problems. To resolve the problem, first of all you need to know the default location of the OST files.
In Windows XP
Drive:\ Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
In Windows 7 and Vista

Methods to Resolve Outlook Internal Error 0000000E Manually

  • First of all, Close MS Outlook
  • Go to drive which holds the Scanost.exe files location.
    Note: In case, you don’t know the location of the files, navigate in the Windows by typing scanost.exe in provided field i.e., Search bar.
  • After finding scanost.exe, double click it and open the in-built command line.
  • Hit on the ‘Properties’ button and opt for ‘Outlook’ option from the dropdown menu of ‘Always use this profile’ option
  • Click OK and then proceed further.
  • Choose the desired files that are needed to be scanned from Profile Name list. For implementing Work Offline or Connect, Click on Connect.
  • Opt for Repair Errors check box and let the built-in program start the process automatically and rectify the errors and Initiate the Scanning of files.
  • The other method calls for rebuilding an OST file. So, let’s start the process.
  • Rebuilding OST Files

If the OST integrity program has completed its work, and figured out the errors related to synchronization, then it implies that OST files have been corrupted. In such circumstances, delete the damaged OST files and make another one.

Drawbacks of Scanost.exe Built-in Command Line

  • Less effective in terms of retrieving deleted mails and the folder items.
  • Scanost.exe tool is not an appropriate solution for synchronization problems.
  • Other issues are not repaired by this inbuilt software.
  • Quite challenging and time consuming process it is.
  • It does not produce any desirable output in case of oversized sized OST files.

A Tremendous Way:

It seems like an easy task to employ any in-built program to solve the issues. But, it serves users with multiple flaws and thus making the things more complicated. So, the instant solution is OST to PST Wizard that will help you in solving all the problems related to errors and thus making the work easier and simplified.

Observational Verdict

The above mentioned write-up serves the users with best possible knowledge of the OST File Internal Error Code 0000000E. Users can completely rely on the content and solve all their problems with an ease.