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Outlook 2016 OST file keeps getting corrupted – Issue Resolved Here

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 2nd, 2021
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Corruption to any file either OST or any other data file is a point of concern and to be discussed. The OST file is an offline folder providing offline storage to MS Outlook data, when configured with Exchange Server. Along with so many facilitation, there are some issues with OST file like as: Outlook 2016 OST file keeps getting corrupted . You  can solve the issue either with Inbox Repair tool or OST to PST Converter Software.

Why OST file is getting corrupted:

The corruption in OST file is quite often, that leads to so much of hindrance in accessing the Exchange Outlook data file. There can be many reasons for the OST file damage, some of them are explained below, and these particular causes are being divided in two parts:

Software Defects:
There are certain software defect categories effecting OST files:

  • Inappropriate system recovery may lead to the OST file corruption (damaged or overwritten with unnecessary data). So, it is a factor to keep in mind that one should go with some authentic data recovery solution.
  • Inappropriate closing of Outlook 2016 can also infect the .ost file. So, for this, One should avoid closing Outlook with the Exit button in Task Manager.
  • Malware/Virus infection is also a major and unavoidable fact causing .ost file corruption.
  • One more reason is the failing of synchronization of OST file with the server.

Hardware Defects:
Some of the hardware related issues causing OST corruption are mentioned below:

  • Developing the bad sectors on the hard drive where the OST is located.
  • Interruption in synchronization of the OST file with the server, there might be many reasons for this like as: appliance failure(cables, network interface cards, routers, hubs etc.)
  • Sudden system shutdown due to power failure.

Consequences of OST file corruption:

If you are in the situation that your Outlook 2016 OST file keeps getting corrupted quite often. You will not be able to access the Exchange account associated with that .ost file. And there can be various consequences of damaged OST file, You can go through some effects of OST file corruption as mentioned below:

  • Not able to open your default email folders. The .ost file is not an offline folder.
  • Several errors during synchronization of Exchange Server mailbox with the OST file.
  • Unable to open the selected Outlook data items in offline mode.
  • Ample amount of conflict items are encountered
  • Not able to expand the folder. The group of foldes could not be opened. Errors might have been detected in .ost file. Quit each and every mail-enabled application, then use the Inbox Repair tool.

How to get rid of Outlook 2016 OST file keeps getting corrupted Issue

Inbox Repair tool(Scanost.exe) is not present in Outlook 2010 and later versions so in case of Outlook 2016 OST file corruption, You need to fix the OST file with a trustworthy third party solution.

In case of Outlook configured with Exchange Server, the entire functioning and storage of Outlook data items solely depends on the existence of OST file. Facing problems like synchronization failure or downtime is not a good sign.

In case of corruption, to maintain the facilities provided by OST file, you need to go for fixing the OST file and transform that OST file in PST format and use that output file in Outlook without any issue.

Steps to Fix OST File Corruption are as follows;

Step 1. Download and Install OST recovery tool on your system.

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Step 2. Add OST file in the software panel to recover.

add file

Step 3. Preview OST emails along with all attached data.

preview items

Step 4. Click Export to save recovered OST file data.

fix Outlook 2016 OST file keeps getting corrupted


Author Suggestion

Here, we have successfully resolved the Outlook 2016 OST file keeps getting corrupted issue using OST repair tool. You can free download the tool to check its performance and features. The tool helps you to recover corrupted OST file and save into multiple file formats.