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Major Issue in Lotus Notes: Cannot Open Lotus Notes NSF File

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 2nd, 2021
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Category Lotus Notes

Are you are also getting “cannot open Lotus Notes NSF file” this issue? Do not be afraid, as we have come up with some amazing solution to resolve this problem in Lotus Notes. However, before that let us learn a brief introduction about NSF file and the reasons behind this issue.

Brief Introduction of NSF File

Lotus Notes NSF is the file extension that contains emails, tasks, Notes, appointments, and contacts. IBM Lotus Notes email application and Domino Server uses this file format for storing the data. However, just like other file formats available in the online market, it also consists some errors. This file can be encrypted via field, mail, port, document, and database encryption.

Reasons behind the Errors in Lotus Notes NSF File

As we have mentioned above that while using NSF format, various users encounter issues in Lotus Notes. It is a complicated file by structure and application, which enhances the chances of errors. Apart from this, few factors are responsible for this corrupted NSF file such as faulty software, hardware issues, sudden power failure, corrupted in header file, etc. Due to all these reasons, it becomes impossible to access NSF file. Ultimately, this may lead to data loss and severe corruption in NSF. Let us see some errors along with the associated solutions.

4 Common Errors with Respective Solution

These are 4 frequent errors, a Lotus Notes user must be aware about:
Error 1: Missing Key Value
The reason behind this issue is the execution of different fields before the Key Field and making the key value vacant.
Solution: Follow this method as mentioned, in order to resolve this problem:

  • First, construct a copy and then simplify some fields such as Text and various attachments
  • Now, save the work again
  • In case the error is still there, you need to repeat first two steps.
  • As soon as your account runs smoothly, this error will get rectified.

Error 2: Entry Not Found in Index
This error occurs at the time Notes modifies its present or existing policies. In addition, any of the modification in IBM Notes may lead to this error.
Solution: You can fix this issue simple by editing and storing the documents in an appropriate manner with newly specified policies. The process is quite long, but can be performed to prevent this error.

Error 3: File Does Not Exist in Lotus Notes
It can arise when location of the file is not indicated appropriately. This is one of the common errors in Lotus Notes, which makes it unable for users to access NSF file.
Solution: Now, to fix this, you need to open Notes.ini file consists of the location of other files. You can find the file in this location- C:\program files\ibm\lotus\notes\data. If you cannot find the file, then you have to generate a new Database in Domino Notes.

Error 4: “File truncated- file may have been damaged”
This error occurs at the time users tries to open the any document of archive file, but unable to open it due the corruption issue.
Solution: You have to disable the archive logging to fix this problem. Once it is done, Archive the data one again and in case wrong archived manner, remove the old archive file. You can even, generate a new archive file with the help of these following steps:

  • First, replace the damaged archive file with the new file
  • Now, copy file to a non-corrupt or healthy file
  • Remove the corrupt data file
  • Finally, Domino Notes will generate the new archive automatically.

The Bottom Line

We have discussed all the major issues that results in “Cannot open Lotus Notes NSF File” this problem. Apart from the errors, we have also learned different workarounds to fix these errors. Users can opt for these methods and can easily get out of this problematic situation.