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How to Import Files from Google Drive to OneDrive

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On May 15th, 2021
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Today, more and more users are moving to cloud platforms for storing their critical and important data. Cloud services have become the necessity of this growing world. Many users use G Drive and OneDrive from Google and Microsoft respectively. But recently I’ve seen people finding ways to import files from Google Drive to OneDrive accounts. There could be many possible reasons for importing data from G Drive to OneDrive account.

The following articles explain why users prefer Microsoft’s OneDrive over Google Drive. It also describes how users can go through the process to import Google Drive to OneDrive account.

Reasons to Choose Microsoft OneDrive

Users mainly need to import Google Drive files into OneDrive for large enterprises. As a reason, Microsoft OneDrive is great for business collaboration compared to Google Drive. Consider the following reasons why most people want to import to their OneDrive account:

  • OneDrive does not compromise your storage space, but your Google account storage space is shared between Gmail, Google+, and G Drive.
  • Unlike Google, which is completely browser-based, Microsoft Office has desktop applications.
  • OneDrive has multiple pricing plans, as compared with Google which has a single fixed pricing plan.
  • Microsoft’s Office platform is better known and popular than Google.

Thus, making the first choice amongst users.

Techniques to Import Files from Google Drive to OneDrive

Now, further moving to the approaches for importing data from G Drive to OneDrive account. We will first cover the manual methods to perform this task.

Method 1: Download and Upload

This is the most traditional method to import files from Google Drive to OneDrive account. It is only feasible for less number of files. By using this method, users can import only one file at a time.

Step 1: Download your files from G Drive to your local hard drive.
Step 2: Then, upload these files to OneDrive.

Repeat the above steps until you have not imported all your Google Drive files to OneDrive.

Method 2: Import Certain Files

You can import files from Google Drive to OneDrive using the “Share” feature of Cloud Drive. Even if you want to share target files one at a time or at once through a folder, you still need to go to the “Shared with me” folder and copy the target files to another folder. Then rename the target files one by one and keep them persistent.

Method 3: Archive Folders Via Google Takeout

Step 1. Log in to your Google account and open Google Takeout.
Step 2. On the Download, Your Data screen, under Select data to include, make sure Drive is enabled. Then click Next
Step 3. Select, Add to OneDrive, under “Delivery method”.
Step 4. Click Link Account and Create Archive to connect your OneDrive account and import files from Google Drive to OneDrive account.

Limitations of the Above Described Methods

The above-described methods are a bit complex and might take a long time. It solely depends on the size of the file and network bandwidth. Also, once the process commences, one can’t pause it in between.
Now, further moving to the most reliable and trustworthy solutions amongst users.

Best Method: Import Files from Google Drive to OneDrive

Fortunately, G Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool, lets you import Google Drive data to OneDrive account, with all of its data. It is the most reliable approach to import G Drive data.

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Following are some of the features offered by the utility:

Import all Items: This utility lets you import all the data items present in your Google Drive like: documents, photos, etc. in a hassle-free manner. It is less time consuming and ensures guaranteed data transfer.

Filters for your ease: Using this software, you can apply multiple filters to make your import process simpler. Several filters are offered by this tool, such as date filter and user group mapping. Using the date range filter, you can entire mailbox data from G Drive to OneDrive from that range only.

Pause and resume feature: This lets you pause and resume the ongoing process, whenever needed by the user. As soon as you begin the process to import files from Google Drive to OneDrive, the software will show the migration status report on the panel itself. From there only you can use this option.

Folder Hierarchy: The software enables you to preserve the folder structure throughout the data migration process. It clearly indicates that the users will get the imported data at the previous place only.

Permissions to Import Data: The software provides 3 types of permissions to import Google Drive to OneDrive data. They are as Read, Write, and Comment.

Follow These Steps to Import Google Drive to OneDrive

Start by downloading and installing the tool on your system.

  • Launch the software and select G Suite as the source and Office 365 as the destination.


  • Now, select items as documents from the Workload Selection.


  • On the same screen, you can apply the date filter to migrate the selected data. After applying the options according to your requirements, click Next.

date filter

  • Now, enter the source G Suite admin ID and App ID, then click the Validate button.

g suite

After validating the software, click Next.

  • Enter the administrator ID and the ID of the Destination Office 365 application, then click the Validate button.

office 365

After validating the permissions, click Next.

  • Now create a mapping between the source and destination users. To perform this task, the tool offers three options: 1: Get users, 2: Import users, 3: Download template.


  • Now, you can see that the mapping was created successfully. Click the Validate button to validate the permissions.


  • After validating the permissions, click the Start button to migrate the data.

start migration

Concluding Thoughts

This previous article described a completely manual procedure that makes it easy to import files from Google Drive to OneDrive account. However, all free methods have their own certain drawbacks. Similarly, the manual method has its own shortcomings. Therefore, to simply import data from G Drive to OneDrive, it is highly recommended to use the migration tool.