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Does Your Computer Notify Lotus Notes Error File Cannot Be Created?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On December 5th, 2018
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading
Category Lotus Notes

“Hi, I am using Lotus Notes 8.5 Client, Domino 7.x Server. Whenever I am trying to open a document that has an attachment I am getting an error ‘File Cannot Be Created’. After checking some forums I found a common problem conclusion i.e., ‘A programming error was found but will not be corrected. It will be a permanent restriction.’ Any ideas to fix Lotus Notes Error file cannot be created issue?”

IBM Lotus Notes is a desktop-based email application used by enterprise level of users. This is not just a platform to communicate but, it is the combination of different services like journals, database, and documents. Most of the organizations’ relay on Lotus Notes due to its high-level security and privacy policies. But, best security services does not mean that the email client is error free. As it is a heavily programmed application so Lotus Notes users might face issues while working with it.

What is Lotus Notes Error File Cannot Be Created – Quick Glance

‘File cannot be created’ is one such annoying error message of IBM Notes that occurs when a user tries to access the emails and database.

Lotus Notes Error File Cannot Be Created

Re-installation of Lotus Notes Client does not fix the problem.

After getting this error, some common queries strikes in user’s mind that what are the possible reasons for this issue? How to resolve it? Hence, considering the requirements of users that how to fix Lotus Notes error File cannot be created, today we are here with this tutorial.

Causes of Lotus Notes File Error Cannot Be Created

This error message pops up when there is an application memory leak or resource conflicts in the application. Besides, there may multiple other reasons for this error, such as:

  1. Using backdated Operating System
  2. Signature preference set to “HTML”/ image file
  3. Unavailability of Administrative permissions
  4. Low storage space available in the system
  5. The email message is virus infected
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Tips to Fix Lotus Notes Error File Cannot Be Created

In order to fix File cannot be created error, users need to delete the cash.ndk file and then, re-open the Lotus Notes application. Sometimes this fix does not work for users. So, if the issue still remains then, this may be the case of corruption. Below are the steps to perform Lotus Notes recovery:

  1. Close Lotus Notes email client
  2. After this, open Tools and click on Folder Options
  3. Hit a click on the View tab and under the hidden files and folders section check Show Hidden files and folders option
  4. Now, search for Notes.Data.* directory
  5. After getting it, delete this and then relaunch the Lotus Notes application

Applying this method will remove the corrupted file or the directory to fix the error. However, if the manual method does not help you out to resolve the problem then, the last option left is to migrate from Lotus Notes to another simple platform like Exchange Server or Office 365.


IBM Notes is a professional software used for applications, messaging, and social collaboration. It includes a clean and modern user interface, which allows activity streams, microblogging as well as social file sharing instantly from the Inbox. Even after providing all such eminent features and services, IBM Notes has some flaws that occur in the form of error messages. File cannot be created is one such error that users encounter often. Thus, we have discussed some simple and actually working techniques in this article to fix the error message.