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Resolved: Lotus Notes Error 4005 Entry Not Found in Index

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On November 26th, 2018
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Category Lotus Notes

Query: Good day! I am using Server 8.5.1 clients. An error is displayed: “Lotus Notes error 4005 entry not found in index.” The error is quite common in the Lotus. Is this question can be solved only by the upgrage version? What could be the cause of getting this error and how to resolve it?

IBM Lotus Notes is one of the popular email-c lient which provide in ease of providing services like emailing, scheduling, calendaring , contacts etc. It has amazing features that supports integrated messaging and personal information managers. It creates NSF File that contain all data items like mails, journals, etc. If any damage occurs in nsf file then it generates errors, One such error is Lotus Notes 4005, which we will discuss in this blog. But first let us understand the possible causes of getting this error.

 Lotus Notes Error 4005 Entry Not Found in Index –  Cause

  • The error occurs when user try to open documents in Lotus application. The error displayed in different ways such as:

“Entry not found in index…”
“Lotus Notes Error 4005 Entry Not Found in Index”
“Entry not found in index or view’s index is not built”

  • The reason of getting this error could be the issue in Lookup Formula. You may have entered wrong or incomplete formula as a result of which it is unable to detect that document and generate this error. Or it could be the possibility that you haven’t rebuild your views.
  • You can check your log file for the error which is being executed by an agent. Log file will give you more idea about this error. It could also be the possibility that the error occur in cases where programmatic calls are used such as GetDocumentBy Key, GetAllDocumentsByKey and so on.
  • The corruption in nsf file could also be the reason of getting error Entry not found in index

Resolved: Lotus Notes Error 4005 Entry Not Found in Index

Resolve this issue by performing following steps:

  • Press F9 key to refresh your notes
  • If doesn’t fix this issue, rebuild your view by Shift+F9
  • If the problem still exists, then it may be possible that your look up formula is creating problem.

Method -2 Make your Database Compact.

  • Open the Lotus Notes
  • Select the Notes mail database and right click on it
  • Go to the Application and Click on Properties.
  • Click “i” tab and then Compact for compacting selected database.

Method-3 Repair Corrupted NSF file

Another reason of getting Lotus Notes Error 4005 Entry Not Found in Index is NSF File is corrupted. The file contains contacts, Address book information which is located in Notes or in Data Directory which might get corrupted due to which fetched error Lotus Error 4005. Repair your corrupt NSF file by running Fixup ,compact , Updall commands

 Load Fixup -i Load compact -c -i Load Updall -r
Tip: If you are using Lotus Notes and feel the complexity is too high while working in Lotus Notes, then you can migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook for your ease.


The blog covers the solution of Lotus Notes error 4005 Entry not found in Index. It also covers various possible causes of getting this error and we have discussed different methods to resolve it.