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How to delete emails using Retention Policy in Exchange Server

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Published On October 3rd, 2017
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Are you finding it difficult – How to delete emails using retention policy in Exchange server?
Yes? Then, you are absolutely at correct place to get solution on the same. A retention policy is the part of MRM technology, which is needed for complying with the government regulations, legal requirements, or organization policy. This technology is also used for removing content, which is no longer of business or legal value.

About Retention Policy

For each mailboxes of the Exchange server, it is possible to create a default retention policy. One can create this policy for all or specific folders of the server i.e., Inbox, Sent Items, drafts, junk email, etc. Please note that all these kind of activities are possible to carry out only at the administrative level. Instead of assigning the retention policy to each mail, users can apply it on the folders one-by-one. Whenever users are assigning a retention policy to a particular folder, they can choose several messages and assign it to those emails only. The emails configured with policy can take priority over the inherited policy of the folder. Well, the upcoming section will help users in acquiring knowledge to assign retention policy.

Allot Retention Policy to A Mail Folder

  • Open the Navigation Pane and hit on the source mail folder
  • Click on Folder tab and then, in Properties group, hit on the Policy ribbon.
    Note : If this ribbon is missing then, it means that the MS Exchange server administrator has not activated the retention policies permission in the account. The another reason for the same is that the individual is not using the licensed version of Outlook. So, first fulfill the needed prerequisites and then, proceed further.
  • Now, from Policy tab, go to Folder Policy and hit on the entry that are based upon the guidelines of the firm.

Apply Retention Policy On An Email Message

  • Choose the messages on which you want to apply retention time period
  • Go to Home >> Tags >> Assign Policy
  • Now, move towards the Retention Policy section and click on the entries that are based upon the firm’s guidelines

Finally, you have appended the retention policy to the message. You can view this policy on the header part of message, which will be displayed under Reading Pane including the expiry date. If the policy is not successfully applied then, no message will be shown on the current screen.


The blog describes solution to delete emails using retention policy in Exchange server. When the defined retention time period will get finished the data will automatically be deleted from the server. Users can append policy on a particular email message, folder, or all of them.