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OLK14Message converter is an advanced utility to convert OLK14message to PST/EML/MSG file format. The lost data of Apple Outlook database file such as OLKMSGSource, OLK14Event, OLK14Attach, OLK14Message, OLK15 can be import to Outlook PST file format with the help of OLK file converter.

  • Import OLK14message to Outlook PST and EML & MSG
  • Support’s bulk OLK14Message conversion
  • Option to filter OLK file data according to date
  • Naming convention option while converting OLK15 to PST & EML, MSG
  • OLK file converter completely export OLK14Message & OLK15

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Key Features of OLK14Message Conversion

convert olk to pst and msg

Convert OLK14Message to PST & MSG

With the help of OLK14Message converter users can effortlessly import OLK14Message to Outlook PST and MSG file format. Afterwards, these files can be accessed outside the Mac environment. This software provides complete conversion of OLK file without any change in the file.

export olk file

Export OLK15 to PST & EML and MSG

The OLK15 file is created by the new version of Mac Outlook 2016. This file is also a backend database file as OLK14Message. This tool also supports the conversion of OLK15Message files to PST, EML & MSG. Easily convert these files and import in Outlook PST or other email platform without any alteration of original data.

import olk to outlook

Import Other OLK files to Outlook

The tool also supports the other files of OLK i.e. OLKMSGSource, OLK14Event, OLK14Attach etc. OLK14Message converter also exports these data file in PST format. Users can access these files in their Windows Outlook or Machine. It keeps all data intact after the conversion.

convert multiple olk

Convert Multiple OLK file at once

The users can add single as well as multiple OLK files to the software for OLK14Message conversion. This tool can export unlimited file from OLK14Message to PST ,EML & MSG at once, just add a full folder of OLK file to the software and click on the export button.

naming convention feature

Naming Convention Features

While saving the Outlook for Mac OLK14Message, OLK15 files to EML and MSG, the OLK file converter provides a feature to user that they can save these files according to their chosen names. Which means users can specify the name of resultant file according to their wish. This feature option is applicable on every OLK file.

filter according to date

Filter OLK Data Acc. to Date

OLK14Message Converter offers a customization offer to convert OLK files which help users to export selective files. Option to filter OLK files according to date is available. You just have to specify “to” and “from” it defines the date range. The message between this specified data range will be converted from OLK15, OLK14Message to PST and EML.

Basic Guidelines Why user need OLK14Message Converter

OLK files are the backend database files of Mac Outlook email application. Whenever there is any conflict in database. The Outlook fetch their information from OLK files to provide access of emails to their user. These are the replica files of Mac email client application data. These files are stored locally in the system and we can not access them directly in the Outlook without database.

If the database file of Outlook for Mac get damaged or corrupted, then we can recover the data from OLK files. A manual technique is also available:

  1. Copy the OLK file to Desktop
  2. Change the extension from OLK to EML
  3. Double click and Open the file directly in Outlook

Note: As I mention in my previous post that the data of one email does not belongs to single OLK file. Multiple OLK files associated with email data in chunks. If we apply the above method, then we will not be able to find other files of that email. The reason behind that is every OLK file of a message contains some serial number and when we subtract one from that serial number we will able to find another OLK file of that message. If you drag one OLK file from the folder, it will automatically changed the serial number of all the files. Hence, you will not able to find other files of that message so, I will not prefer you to opt this solution.

Use OLK File Converter

OLK Converter is the third party utility provided by QuickData. This tool can convert all OLK files from OLK14Message to PST and MSG. It also convert OLK15 file without any loss of data. Through this tool users can get-back their lost data. And able to access their data outside the Mac environment without any alteration.


OLK files are beyond my understanding but somebody suggested that to find profile data, I must refer to these files. Thus, I was looking for a way to read these files somehow when I came across OLK converter which not only let me read these files but also convert them to an easily readable format.

Linda, Birmingham

Screenshots of OLK File Converter

Install OLK14Message Converter

Step 1: Install and Run the tool

scan and save file

Step 2: Add OLK files

choose the option

Step 3: Access data of OLK file

convert olk to pst or eml

Step 4: Convert the files in PST and EML or MSG

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Solve Queries Related to OLK Converter
Is it possible to import OLK14Message to Outlook PST for Windows OS?
Yes, The OLK14Message converter can easily convert OLK14Message to PST as well as it also export files in EML and MSG file format. Users can access these files in Windows OS without any restriction.
My Outlook for Mac stores its data in OLK15 files. Does this software convert those files in PST?
Yes, it also supports OLK15 files even this software almost supports all the files of OLK extension. Users can use this tool also convert their OLK14 Message file to PST or EML and MSG.
What Our Customer Say's About OLK15 File Converter

After trying many methods, I failed to convert or recover my OLK14Message files. Then I looked out for a third party utility and Luckily I found this OLK file converter application. This tool gives me 100% satisfaction and convert OLK14Message to PST. Now I can access my Mac Outlook data without Mac. Thanks to QuickData team for developing this utility.

Brain Kelvin, Finland

I have some set of Outlook for Mac database file such as OLK15 and OLK14. And I only want to access these files on Windows operating system. Then I use this OLK14Message conversion tool to convert my files from OLK to EML and now these files are accessible in Windows as well as in Windows OS without any difficulty.

Lump William, Gambia