Steps to Repair SQL Server

Step 1

Download and install the tool >> Now Click on the Open button and Browse Database file

Step 2

Select at least one scanning option from the given options and select Auto Detect Database File.

Step 3

Choose the Second radio button if you want to select NDF file manually otherwise select the first one for Autodetection and click OK.

Step 4

The tool starts scanning selected database files and show the recovered attributes

Step 5

The tool will show a confirmation message "save the scanned file" >> Click YES button

Step 6

Now click on the Export button to export the recovered database and Fill in the mandatory fields and then click on 'Save' to end the procedure of Database recovery.

Step 7

No need to provide a User Name & Password if you are using Windows Server Authentication.

Step 8

In the Prompt asking about Export Deleted Record as Wellclick on YES if you agree otherwise select NO

Step 9

It will take a few minutes and show confirmation message "Export Completed" >> Click the OK button