Fix Task Manager has been Disabled by Administrator

That's a very common problem encountered by users while they try to open Task manager from Task bar but you discover that the option for “Task Manager” is grayed-out. Also, the typing “taskmgr” in Run dialog box does not open Task manager. Now, to re enable task manager XP or Windows 7 user might look for traditional && tedious manual methods. The manual practices to Fix Task Manager registry usually end up with deletion of other program files that were crucial to system operations. Modifying Windows Registry (Regedit) is not a good practice to do. Then What to DO?

Only QuickData Fix for Task Manager (Free Tool) is a quick alternative to resolve the issue. Free Task Manager Fix tool is available free of cost. So, easily remove the error "Task Manager Has Been Disabled by Your Administrator" using this freeware program.

  Enable Task Manager after Virus attack  

Roles of Task Manager:

In Windows XP, it controls the processes and applications running in foreground and background of Operating system. Task manager monitors CPU & memory performance and allows users to open and close process, services and programs. Generally Encountered Error:

Task Manager Has Been Disabled by Your Administrator

Why Task Manager is Disabled?

There are many reasons that cause it to Malfunction:

  • Your computer Administrator has applied restrictions by Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor
  • Suspicious program or virus attacks has disabled it
  • If you are already Administrator then for sure your system is infected by virus
  • User might accidentally disable task manager while editing other directories using regedit

How to Re Enable Task Manager Windows 7, XP & Vista?

  1. Right now download Task Manager Freeware >> Run Free Tool
  2. This free tool will automatically fix the issues and quickly enable it by

Why to Use QuickData Fix for Task Manager Free Tool?

  • This application is available for “Free”
  • Completely fix and re enable Task Manager
  • Secure and faster method
  • Reduced manual efforts while editing Regedit

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QuickData Fix for Task Manager re-enables task manager in Windows XP, Vista & Win 7