Explore the Steps involved in Entire Process

Step 1

Download, Install and launch the application. Install application

Step 2

Click on Browse button to select input file.Select file

Step 3

Choose the desired file and click the Open button. Open file to select

Step 4

If you want to migrate contacts (names.nsf) then select the second option. migrate contacts

Step 5

Browse names.nsf file and click the Open button. Browse files

Step 6

To export the few selected folders, Check the "Export Selected Folder" option & click the Select Folder button.Export selected folder

Step 7

Choose the essential folders to Export & click on Apply button. choose essential folders

Step 8

The software will provide several choices for the migration. Select At least one option (mails, contacts, calendars, tasks and journals) from categories. several choices to migrate

Step 9

Apply Email filter and calendar filter by selecting date range. apply filters

Step 10

You can exclude the duplicate contacts by selecting the option: "Exclude Duplicate Contacts" and click on "Set" buttonexclude duplicate contacts

Step 11

Select required properties and click the Apply button.select properties

Step 12

Apply a few advance Options by clicking on the Settings button. advance options

Step 13

In options tab you will see a lot of options as shown below, select required functions

  • HTML Formatting
  • Internet Header
  • Remove Encryption
  • All Documents
select required function

Step 14

Jump to the second tab "Email Address Translation" to convert the canonical name into the Outlook SMTP format. email address translation

Step 15

Provide the domain name for the SMTP translation with respect to the canonical name.Provide domain name

Step 16

Move to 3rd tab "Custom Folder(s) Mapping" to map the default folder with your Outlook default folder name.Custom folder mapping

Step 17

Provide Changed Folder Name and click the Save button.change folder name

Step 18

Check "Split options for Outlook data file" and choose required size to split resulting PST file. Also click on the change button to provide destination path.provide destination path

Step 19

Finally Click on the "Export"button to start the migration process.start migration

Step 20

The tool will starts exportation of files, click the "Save Report" button. Enter the name for saving report in a csv file.save report