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Free SQLite Viewer

The product is a freeware to open and read SQLite database files on Microsoft Windows operating system. The SQLite Viewer works with corrupted as well as healthy SQLite files of the server.

  • Browse and explore SQLite DB files of unlimited size
  • Extract tables, columns, triggers, views etc., from file
  • Renders data recovery from corrupted SQLite files
  • Advance searching feature to view desired data for free
  • Explore data with overall item count of each folder
  • Successfully works upon all editions of MS Windows

Prominent Features of Free SQLite Database Viewer

read corrrupted data

View Corrupted SQLite File data For Free

The freeware enables users to read data from SQLite files. It does not requires any supportive application or the server connection to fetch out items from the browsed files. The software is workable with corrupted as well as healthy SQLite files without any complications.


No File Size Limitation to View Data

SQLite database reader for free enable users to preview all the items of SQLite file. Tables, indexes, triggers, etc., all will be loaded on the viewer panel and users can add file of unlimited size in this program. It is the responsibility of freeware to manage items comprising of all elements.


All-in-One SQLite Database Viewer

The software works for scanning as well as data recovery purpose of several data file types. It supports SQLite files having .db, .sqlite, .sqlite3, .fossil, and .db3 extension. Free utility can extract data from SQLite files of all platforms including Android too.

save database file

Offers Free Advance Searching Feature

It is quite obvious that database files comprises of the bulk amount of data within it. Therefore, SQLite file Reader offers a feature of searching through which users can analyze only the desired data. Users just need to mention the related phrase of desired items and rest freeware will work on its own.

easy UI

Thoroughly Scans SQLite File for Free

The tool deeply scans the added SQLite file and fetches data from it. Just after the scanning completion, the fetched data gets uploaded on the reader panel where one can analyze entire file data. The tool displays all the related components of the file without any single change.

View Live File Scanning Procedure

Just after adding the SQLite file in the software, tool starts scanning the file. The current status of the scanning procedure can be viewed by end users. Database name, total number of items scanned, and percentage of amount of database scanned, is displayed in this live status report.

Introduction to SQLite File

Overview on SQLite File
There are chances that an individual has not noticed this that he / she is using the SQLite file in his / her daily life. In technical aspects, a SQLite file is compared with the client or server SQL database engines, which involves Oracle, MYSQL, etc. Well, the file is majorly focused upon the storing of data on local machine, which is for different programs and devices. Now generally for forensics purpose, a question arises that how to view SQLite file? A simple and an absolutely free answer to this question is QuickData SQLite File Viewer.

Benefits of SQLite File Viewer

The software renders a systematic solution to explore SQLite database on local machine. It also repairs corrupt data file with feature to preview tables, triggers, views, etc. All items with their respective attributes will be displayed in this viewer app.

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System Specifications:

  • Disk Space : Around 25 MB free space for installation

Supported Platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8/7,Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000

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Common Queries Related to SQLite File Viewer

Yes, the errors are caused due to corruption in the file. So, our SQLite viewer is designed in a way that it fixes all problems from the file and displays data in front of you.

At a single time, you can browse one SQLite file in the free utility. However, you will be able to view multiple files from this free utility by adding files one-by-one.

Yes, the tool is a Windows-based utility, which works upon all editions of Windows OS. The software application is workable upon Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all prior versions.

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