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Photo Viewer for Windows OS, is a freeware utility to open and view image file without the need of any image editor, as it is independent tool. So, download and utilize this all in one Image viewer software to preview all your image file instantaneously.

  • Supports all image file formats, i.e. JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPE, PNG, ICO, HDR, EXR, SGV, WEBP, BMP, JPEG CR2, GIF, PCX, EPS, BMP, TIFF, CRW, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, etc.
  • Standalone utility to open and preview an image file
  • Open and view images without any image size limitation
  • Preview image files in its original form within few moments
  • Image viewer provides advance options to view photos
  • Compatible with all Windows based Operating system

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Freeware utility Image file viewer to open & view photos of all formats


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Features of Free Image file viewer Software

support multiple image

Preview Images of Multiple Formats

Image File viewer tool is designed in such a way that it opens, previews, reads and explores the images of all file format, i.e. JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPE, PNG, ICO, HDR, EXR, SGV, WEBP, BMP, JPEG CR2, GIF, , PCX, EPS, BMP, TIFF, CRW, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, etc. without compromising the image quality.

raw digital

View Digital/Raw Image Files

Image File opener Software helps to view and read all the digital or raw image files instantaneously, i.e. CR2, NEF, DNG, PEF, RAF, MRW, SRF, ARW, CRW, SR2, RW2, and ORF. The software takes only few moments to preview all the images in its original form.

open graphical image

Open Graphical Image Files

Image file viewer Tool is algorithm in such a manner that it gives an option to preview all the graphical image files, i.e. PCX, BMP, EPS, JPEG 2000, JPEG, animated GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, WMF, TGA, and ICO. The utility opens and views unlimited image file at a time.

advance feature

Offers Various Advance Features

The utility comes up with numerous of advance features that makes easy for users open their image files accordingly such as cropping, zoom in & out, image size adjustment, color adjustment, printing, image rotation, full screen display, thumbnail display, etc.

view img from port device

Open Image from Portable Device

Image file viewer tool makes easy for users, as they do not have to save their image on their system. The software directly previews the stored image from external storage device by retaining the quality of an image file.

complete image detail

Enlist Complete Image Details

Once all the image files are enlisted, the user can click on the image file and view its entire details. The software will list all the properties of an image like date modified, created date, item type, dimension, width, height, etc.

easy user interface

Provides User-Friendly Interface

The Image file viewer tool comes up with simple as well as user-friendly interface that makes easy for users to utilize Image File Viewer software without any technical knowledge or expertise help to open and read image files on their system.

open exact file

Views the Exact Image File

Image File Opener software opens and views the image file in its original form. As if the image is HD then, the software will preview the image in exact form without blurring the image. Moreover, it does not have any image file size limitation to preview.

Basic Information About Image file viewer

Image File Formats are the standard way to maintaining, organizing, as well as saving digital images. Image files are collection of image files in one of the format, which can be rasterized for the utilization on the system display or printer. All the data saved in an image file formats are present in compressed, uncompressed, or vector formats.

Major File Formats

  • Raw/ Digital Image formats: Digital image is the numeric representation of 2D image that depends upon the image resolution. Its image resolution may be vector, raster, or fixed type. These images are mainly refers as raster or bitmapped images. It supports various file formats such as CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, SRF, ARW, SR2, RW2, and DNG.
  • Graphical Image formats: It a suitable file format for saving graphics with few colors, shapes, logos, cartoon image style, diagrams, etc. It also contains the animated images, videos, etc. It supports various file formats such as GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, EPS, TIFF, WMF, ICO, and TGA.


Thank you so much for this useful all-in-one utility. I was having many digital image files on my pen drive and I need to view it. Then, my friend suggested me about this software. Really, an amazing utility to preview image files.

Brandi Reyes, California

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Solve Queries Related to Image File Viewer
Does the software requires any pre-requisites to preview the image file?
No, the software is a standalone utility to preview the image files. It only requires the image files to open, view, read, and explore without compromising the image quality.
Is there is any image size limitation to preview the file?
Image file viewer software does not have any file size limitation to open and explore the image file on the software. You can preview unlimited image files of various file formats.
Can I adjust the image size by using this software?
Yes, the application comes up with various advance features such as image size adjustment, color adjustment, rotation, zooming, cropping, etc. that makes easy for you to preview the image file.
I am having .png images in my pen drive. Does the software view an image file from external device?
Yes, the utility comes up with a feature to preview an image file from any connected portable device directly without compromising its quality.
Does the software support Windows 10 (64-bit)?
Yes, the tool is algorithm in such a way that it supports all Windows OS both 32-bit and 64-bit, i.e. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.
What Our Customer Say's About Free Image file viewer

Free Image File Viewer Software is the useful utility that I could have come across to open, view, and explore any image files. It is the most efficient tool and what more I will be able to use without investing a single penny.

Celia Poole, USA

Accessing Image files in absence of any image editor was not possible for me until I came across this Free Image File Viewer Software. The tool did not need presence of any image editor to view and open the Image file. Moreover, it supports all image file format.

Billy Garcia, London