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Free EXIF GPS viewer enables users to open and read EXIF data in batch. According to forensic department, this free utility is very helpful for investigators to examine and view EXIF file to collect some real evidence. With the help of EXIF viewer users easily get photo information, geo location etc. This software is easily supported by all versions of Windows Operating system

  • An open source EXIF data viewer to analyze images
  • Find out the Geolocation from an image
  • View photo meta data on Windows 10 & below editions
  • Amazing Feature to impose tags on photographs
  • Easily support pictures of any digital camera
  • EXIF Viewer allow to load and read EXIF data in batch
  • Installation of any other image application is not required

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Know More About Free EXIF Data Viewer

preview data

Read EXIF Data of Photo on Windows

Photo EXIF Reader is a free utility to open, preview, and read EXIF data on Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and all its earlier version. It is a standalone utility i.e., does not require any native application to get geotag info from photos.

get geo location

Get Geolocation From Picture

This EXIF GPS viewer helps to extract Geo location of an image from the EXIF file. Which means it will show the information about the location of a photo where the picture was captured

Two ways to select file

Dual Ways of Selecting EXIF Files

Windows EXIF viewer renders two way of choosing camera file and they are mentioned below:

  1. One Image at a Time: User can select one image at a time and view internal properties of only that photograph.
  2. Select Image Folder: Another approach is to select whole folder that comprises of hundreds or more images in it.
preview original image

Load Original Image in Viewer Pane

The software supports images of all file format like jpg, jpeg, png, gif, etc. Moreover, the tool loads the photograph in center pane of the viewer window without any hassle. The picture loaded on screen is same as the time when it was captured by cameraman.

image meta data

Examine Image Metadata For Free

The details of images like capturing time, creation date, accessing time, modified time, etc., all are shown by this free EXIF data viewer. Moreover, the name of digital camera from which picture is clicked, is also displayed by this free data file reader.

customized view

Provide Customized Way to View File

A user will also be able to get geotag info from photos with help of EXIF viewer for free. Moreover, while seeing an image clients can zoom, adjust, and change the dimensions of picture for viewing photograph in a desired manner.

What is & How to Open EXIF Data File

Whenever an image is loaded on local machine it is either in jpeg format or any other image format. A secondary file is also attached with these image file format i.e., EXIF file. This file is very useful for performing investigations on captured images.

What is EXIF file?

The term EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image file format that comprises of descriptive details of a photograph. This data file comprises of information like date, GPS, and other copyright/legal attributes of a picture. If a cameraman is using a phone or digital camera with GPS feature, then EXIF file also stores the geolocation of that picture.


EXIF Viewer is an ultimate software for viewing legal properties of image file on Windows and analyzing picture without any additional program. This tool which is developed with advance technology, works in a rapid manner and make it all possible to view image properties within just few fractions of seconds. Thanks a lot to EXIF Viewer team for initiating such app in market

- Anne Lambert, Paris

Attributes Displayed In EXIF File

EXIF data file is created on its own and no additional settings can disable creation of this secondary file. The image properties that are shown in this file are listed below:

  • Creation Date
  • Creation Time
  • Color Mode
  • Flash Used
  • Focal Length
  • GPS related attributes
  • Camera Manufacturer
  • Camera Model
  • ISO Equiv
  • Orientation

How to Get Photo Information Using EXIF Viewer

In order to get EXIF data on Windows, one way is to view properties of the image. However, there is a limitation of this method that users will only be able to see the basic information of an image (not the advance attributes of images). Therefore, to examine image files with both advance and basic details the appropriate way is to use Free EXIF GPS Viewer. A person only needs to select or drag-n-drop the image in center of the viewer window and then he will easily be able to view image as well as its related details.

Screenshots of EXIF GPS Viewer Tool

Watch EXIF GPS Viewer Video

Clear All Your Doubts Related to Photo EXIF Reader
How to find exif data of Facebook photos?
"A picture is posted on Facebook and I need to view internal properties of that image to gather some legal evidences. Please suggest me an advance solution to view its EXIF file."
In order to find EXIF data of Facebook photos with help of free EXIF viewer, follow the below given steps:
  1. Login into your Facebook account and download the picture that you want to examine
  2. After saving the photograph on your machine, use this reader for further processing of viewing photo metadata
How to check data of Photo with free EXIF data viewer?
"I have an image which is clicked from my smartphone. However, I want to know whether the GPS was enabled when I was capturing the image or not. Will your utility help me out in finding out about the same or not?"
In order to check data of Photo, you just have to browse the file on viewer and within few milliseconds the picture will get loaded on the screen. Moreover, if the GPS is enabled while clicking photo, then you will get geolocation from a photo details and thus you will be able learn that whether GPS was enabled or not.
If the JPG file is corrupted, then also will this photo location finder utility work?
Yes, the software is capable of handling corrupted image files and thus you will be able to examine EXIF data.
Reviews of Our Gratified Clients

How to find information from an image was really difficult for me because I am a non-technical user. While surfing for a solution, I downloaded your application and seriously it was very much easy for me to operate this product. I just browsed the file and then I was able to Open Exif file information. EXIF viewer made it possible for me to get image data from a Canon image file

Santiago Hanson, Samoa

I was having an image whose geolocation was not shown in Photoshop. Therefore, I searched for free viewers that supports my JPEG file and display all its copyright information on screen along with geolocation. Then I came across your application, it helped me in accomplishing my tasks without any extra efforts.

Danielle Pearson, Kiribati