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EMLX reader is a free standalone utility to open and view EMLX file of Apple Mail on Windows OS. The email files having .emlx file extension are easily supported by this product EMLX File Viewer software. Thus it provides an ease to open EMLX file on Windows.

  • Independent tool to View EMLX file in Windows
  • Read files by searching through email attributes
  • EMLX Viewer is having easy-to-use interface
  • View files along with attachment of each mail
  • Tool provides dual modes of viewing EMLX files
  • Supported by all latest versions of Windows OS

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Key Features of EMLX file Viewer

open emlx file on windows

Open Apple Email File on Windows

Free EMLX Viewer allow users to open, view, and examine emails of Mac mail on Windows operating system. It does not require any supportive Mac email application installation for working & thus, is a standalone utility.

preview emails

Preview Emails With Attachments

The software is capable of showing EMLX Apple mail along with their respective attachments of any type like .ppt, .doc, .jpg, .mp3, etc. Moreover, other properties of emails like Cc, Bcc, To, Subject, etc., are displayed by this EMLX file viewer.

no size limitation

No Type of EMLX File Size Limitation

EMLX file of any size is easily supported by this free EMLX viewer software. In addition, the software allow users to load bulk EMLX files at once and then they can view file one by one.

advance search option

Searching Option While Viewing File

If a user wants to view emails of some particular date range, then he only have to mention the From-to-To date for doing the same. EMLX viewer renders a To and Subject field in which you only have to mention the attributes of email for viewing particular Apple mail.

Easy-to-use Apple Mail File Viewer

The developers of EMLX reader had designed the product in such a way that there are negligible amount of technicalities in it. Its interface is easy-to-operate and can be accessed by novice persons too.

Supports EMLX File of All MAC OS

EMLX file of any Mac OS versions like Tiger, Snow Leopard, Panther, Capitan, Sierra, etc., is easily supported by our freeware. Tool allow users to preview EMLX files data with systematic email formatting in exact form.

Learn in Depth All About EMLX File With its Supportive Applications

A EMLX file is a mail file format for Apple Mail. They are used to store email content in form of plain text. It relies on one of the three type of protocols i.e., SMTP, IMAP, and POP3. The default location of this file in Mac OS is:

user/Library/Mail/folder/Mailboxes/[mailbox]/Messages/[account name]/INBOX.mbox/Messages

Ways to Open EMLX file on Mac

In general, these plain text files are created by Apple Mail application of Mac. Moreover, there are following three computer programs that supports and open this mail file extension:

  • Apple mail
  • Notepad++
  • Windows text editor i.e., Notepad

Note: A user should not change the email file name of EMLX file because it may result in modification of file extension.

Difference Between EML and EMLX File

  • The major difference between both these file format is that EMLX file is created by Apple mail whereas the EML file is created when a user drag-n-drop mail from an email application on Windows or Mac desktop.
  • EML is created by Windows-based email applications like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc. On the other hand, the EMLX file is created by Apple Inc., which is compatible with all series of Mac OS X. Moreover, a user can perform file conversion from EML to EMLX but, not the vice versa.
How to view EMLX file on Windows

As such, there does not exist any computer programs that support EMLX file on Windows. Therefore, the best way is to go for EMLX viewer that is an absolutely free product and works without any platform dependency.

EMLX viewer first look


Although I was having a rough experience with other additional products present in the market. I had no faith left on any application, which open EMLX files on Windows. But, when I came across this EMLX viewer it surprised me by its great result and easy-to-use interface. Absolutely it is the kind of application for which I was looking for..!

- Jacquelyn Tyler, Riga

Screenshots of EMLX File Viewer Tool
open emlx viewer software

Step 1: Open EMLX file viewer

view file

Step 2: View EMLX file within the tool

add multiple filter

Step 3: Apply multiple filter to open file

advance search option

Step 4: Advance search option to search required item

Watch How to Open EMLX File on Windows
FAQ’s of EMLX Viewer For Windows
Is this Apple mail file viewer for Windows also supported on Mac operating system?

"I want to open EMLX file on PC for viewing the file, which is received as an email attachment to me. However, I had read your page and found that it is compatible with Windows OS but no where it is mentioned about Mac. Although I had Apple Mail but there is some issue in the application therefore, I require a free viewer. Can you please answer my query?"

No, this free Apple mail File viewer is only compatible with Windows operating system. It is supported by Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and all its below versions.
What is the maximum EMLX file size that your software supports?

"I had got a EMLX file of 5Gb and I want to open and perform forensics on this file. Therefore, I want a solution that support file of this size. Please suggest me a way for the same"

There is no maximum range defined for file size in this software. Our free EMLX viewer is capable of handling file of any size whether it is small or large.
How to browse a EMLX file directly from pen drive into your viewer?

"One of my friend had given me a EMLX file in pen drive. Instead of transferring file to my system I directly want to load file from pen drive to viewer. Is there any way of doing the same?"

Before launching EMLX reader on your machine, connect the external device (or pen drive) with your system and then click on viewer icon to open application on your machine. Now click on browse button to directly select the EMLX file from pen drive.
Is there any pro version of this application to view emails along with attachment?

"There are hardly any viewers in the market that allow us to view EMLX attachment for free. Therefore, I want to once confirm that is it really possible to view attachment with this freeware"

No, there is no pro version of this EMLX file viewer. You will easily be able to view email attachment and its other properties with help of this free viewer tool.
Client Views about EMLX Reader

How to open EMLX files in Windows was like a big question mark for me. I was having some important mails in this file and it was very much urgent for me to view such file. Then, I came across your application it was really very helpful utility for me at that time. It not only showed me the content of my mail but also displayed attachment appended with each email.

Darren Hansen, Sri Lanka

I was surfing for such email application that allow me to view EMLX file of Apple Mail on my laptop, which is having Windows OS on it. One of my friend recommended me to use your EMLX reader product. It is really an amazing freeware to open and view emails on Windows. Thanks a lot for coming up with a such innovative viewer in the market

Lynn Greer, Canada